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Friday, 06 December 2013


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And how was a Conservative minority government to do what you wanted?

It would have been slung out if it had tried.

Good economic news elections do not win according to the statistics. No doubt RedEd will move into no 10 come 2015 and probably the economy will have picked up enough for them to first of all spend too much on the wrong things and then wreck the economy as they always do. Depending on how long the spend and bust cycle takes will decide their period in office. At some point they will be ousted once again for the right to pick up the pieces do some repairs always never enough ready to hand the next recovery back to the left for them to do their worst. The decline will have continued down another notch and so it will go on until the socialist policies that are now practiced by all parties sucks the private sector dry and the money runs out at which point socialism can no longer function. By then however it will be too late for all of us as the damage will have been done and the decline complete.

DM, hence my use of the word "gutless". If Dave had balls even half as big as 'that woman's' he would have dared the Labs and the Libs to bring him down and face an increasingly irritable (not to say downright angry) electorate again within a few months. They would have blinked first!

Antis, Guido reported on two polls a few days ago in Tory marginal seats. They showed UKIP bleeding the Tories dry and thus leaving the door wide open for Labour to walk in, so you may well be right about a new Labour government in 2015.

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