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Sunday, 22 December 2013


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¡Felices fiestas y Feliz Año Nuevo!, from Spain.

Sorry, no photo. I can't manage to send it and it would probably be a little cruel too. Global warming is our usual weather nearly the whole year.

I forgot!

Maybe you'll like it.

I love it, Ortega! Read it, everybody, a chuckle-fest!

And, Ortega: Mis mejores deseos para la Navidad. (And my accent is improving!)

¡Felices Fiestas y Próspero Año Nuevo!
(I sent it before but it seems it got lost: hence the 'I forgot').

Good for your accent! Next time you order for 'sangría' maybe you won't get the toothpicks (again).

Oh, so that's why it always happens and there was me blaming the stupid waiter!

By the way, sorry you ended up in the 'Spam Box' for a while but you were in good company because DM was captured, too!

Very good, you were wasted in the motor trade!

Long term the problem is Typepad doesn't work with Internet Explorer 10 (the version you've got) yet for uploading piccies, so you'll need to use another internet browser, e.g. Chrome or Firefox, for uploading piccies that you haven't already uploaded before.

Says alot about Microsoft that Typepad (second most rated blog and web content management system for home users) aren't that fussed that their product doesn't work with the latest-ish version of Internet Explorer. Trust me to throw my lot in with M$ just as they started the decline and fall phase of their life cycle.


Excellent photo David I think you posted it a while back. I love visiting old churches and just browsing at history on the headstones of our ancestors. One of my favourites is Ballintoy Anglican Church of Ireland, County Antrim. The mrs has just installed our new computer so I hope you get this. I will have to learn how to post photos!!!

Received loud and clear, Jimmy - my congrats to the 'Mrs'!

'SoD' - love that "M$"!

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