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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


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I am hoping for better things from Mr Farage - perhaps leaning at a bar with a pint and a large cigar.......

The second one is interesting - Cameron doesn't mind appearing shorter than his wife. Whereas Toni Blair wore "lifts" in his shoes. Say no more.

I have done my best, BOE, see 'ADDITIONAL' above.

DM, last night some disrespectful swine suggested that from her one-eyed look Mrs. C might have been on the Christmas sherry a bit early. Shockin'! Shockin'!

It seems that Mr Farage will be sticking to typical Christmas themes - holly etc. But the stamps will be Christian themed. Bit of a shame really.

As I understand it Christmas is not a Christian festival at all it was something the Germans did to honour one of their ancient gods. It was the church who hijacked the festival turned it into Jesus's birthday and changed the gods name to St. Nicholas. But then most things the churches do is based on older pagan practices. Being an atheist I have no problem with non godly Christmas cards but nothing against them or Christmas either if it makes people happy. For those of you with a more religious bent I leave you a thought of mine to ponder "religion is the curse of the thinking mind as what the mind does not know it invents".

Shouldn't we alert Social Services to the abominable child cruelty depicted in that first card. I mean the lack of safety harness and dearth of head support for the poor wee mite being hoist on the hip of the female is bad enough, but the casual brutality as they swing the other child regardless of any EU child safety regs demands that these suffering children be taken into the benign care of the state immediately.

The poor wee mite in the second card looks somewhat shy and apprehensive... Not surprising since she's never seen these two strangers before and is eager to get back to her nanny.

The Cleggon's is best for the elementary reason that he has the prettiest wife. On which basis, can you show us any from ex-Pres Sarkozy?

Bring back the ancient gods.
This lot isn't working.
Bah, humbug, etc.

Got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, Andra?

Antis, whilst I appreciate your philosophical insight, the last time I went down that path with old 'Deogolwulf' - now, alas, no longer a member of this religious (dis)order - it went on for weeks and left me with permanent brain-ache!

Kevin, there's a future for you in Social Services!

DM - see my latest 'ADDITIONAL' - we aim to please even if our incompetence often blocks the view!

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