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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


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And the tradition continues in modern games like 'Call Of Duty', where Riley the trained attack dog is n invaluable asset to the team.. ;)

"Riley"? Hmmmn! Obviously an Irish Wolf hound - thank God he's on 'our' side!


I'm constantly being amazed here at D&N.

There were/are Paras possessed of intelligence!

(Appears I'm gonna have to revise many sentences in my book on Para History.)

I did a few years in the army and did some parachute jumping not in the paras though with RAPA a military club for free fall parachuting (it was in error though as I thought I was signing up for a brothel as the notice said "sign up for 15 jumps for 15 DM", just joking...). I fractured my ankle on my 9th jump the pain was tempered by my great feeling of relief at not having to make another 6 jumps as I found the whole thing one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. I have had a fear of heights ever since.

Only the four-legged variety, JK.

"Free fall"! My God, Antis, are you mad? The only think that made it (just) acceptable to me was the fact that everything happened automatically. My mind, eyes and buttocks were clenched shut until the moment I felt that comforting tug on the shoulders.


Coming from such an authoritative "shining" example, all I need do is add a chapter then?

Jeez, I'm surprised Spielberg hasn't made a film about it. I mean, the potential for a lip-wobbler is immense. One of ours hung up in the trees, hit in the face with mortar fire (see Spiegel). And two German Shepherds who switch sides (the "good Germans"? - Schindler eat your heart out). The Jerries used their dogs as mobile anti-tank mines (satchel charge strapped to the back, trained to run under vehicles and sit quietly until the timer went off), rather than ours trained as mine sniffers. The metaphor of the contrast in cultures - cult of death, vs. cult of life - resonates well today. And then there's the twist that it was Adolf who ordered the use of dogs as mobile anti-tank mines to be stopped. Perhaps the two Shepherds were spared by this act of mercy, giving them the opportunity to escape to join the good guys and do great and heroic deeds and change the outcome of the war ... Ah yes, I'm wasted in IT, Hollywood, here I come.

War Horse? "War Dog" more like! Would've made the puppets so much easier for the stage show ...


Spielberg just sent me an e-mail, Lawrence, telling 'your people' to get in touch with 'his people' 'cos we gotta deal here'!

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