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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


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I am an avid follower of Zero Hedge as I am a manic pessimist and they ladle it up in s**t loads. However I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms as crises are tapering off and Zero Hedge predictions of doom and gloom are not being realised.

Ah, but as gloomy Mr. Durden would no doubt say, when it all goes quiet and placid, a shit-storm is just around the corner! Of course, in the end he will be proven correct but then (stand by for oft-repeated saying) 'as in sex and drumming, timing is everything'. God, I'm boring!

Chinese economic stats will say what the Chinese Communist Party wants them to say. The end justifies the means you know..........

Quite so, BOE, but it's the dummies in the west, some in important positions of power, who swallow these 'pan-flied' stats whole who worry me. China is like a giant teenager swaggering about in a crowded room unaware of the potential for collateral damage.

They're catching up to you next door.

Don't know how you did that, Dom, but I particularly enjoyed:

"Duff is hated as the most cruel monster and blood-thirsty beast, drenched various parts of the world in blood, and will find that their desperate moves will be smashed."

I might put that on my masthead!

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