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Sunday, 22 December 2013


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I don't care about exceptionalism, and it agree that it's a silly concept, but I do like this (perhaps that teutonicus guy can translate for you):

Amerika, du hast es besser
Als unser Kontinent, der alte,
Hast keine verfallenen Schlösser
Und keine Basalte.
Dich stört nicht im Innern,
Zu lebendiger Zeit,
Unnützes Erinnern
Und vergeblicher Streit.

Benutzt die Gegenwart mit Glück!
Und wenn nun Eure Kinder dichten,
Bewahre sie ein gut Geschick
Vor Ritter-, Räuber- und Gespenstergeschichten.

I should add, before my other regular contributor, JK, rides out of the 'Arkie' hills with his Winchester.44 by his side, that my appreciation of Mr. McDougall's forensic dissection of this myth ...

Now David, why would I do that?

You can check your archives as well as I can - take a gander and see if you can come up with "who" provided you the link in the first place!

(I'll be saving my ammo for stuff you come up with - larger targets!)


I see I may've been a bit hasty David. The link I gave D&N several months passed was from another of the sites I'm known to lurk - problem was (at the time) paywall! and we all know how you feel about that!

(But in the offchance you do hit the archives David, here's where to search):

Perhaps it'll work better this time David, the link you've provided is very truncated from the original - this one slightly less so.

Dom, if I get a minute I will test 'Google Translate' with it!

JK, I found it via The American Interest site.

It was the Winchester '73 that was the rifle famous in my youth.

I also get grumpy at American use of The American Dream, and at British use of The Special Relationship and, especially, of The Great British whatever. And while we are at it, I hate it when someone on the financial pages witters about "making your money work harder".

Good essay by your chap: he also almost gets in a dig at the preposterous “Judaeo-Christian tradition”.

Yes, DM, I remember that film, Jimmy Stewart, wasn't it?

Well, I am hardly in a position to blame others for using 'catch-phrase English'. You can get away with very occasional use but repetition tends to make your listener/reader begin to think about the truth or falsity of it.

I must say that one of the magical delights of this internet-thingie is the way it allows you to read the very best essays from around the world.

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