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Saturday, 21 December 2013


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It's a pity that he used the expression "positive" about nasty bullying disguised as an appeal to liberty, because Americans have taken to using "positive" (or pahsitive) as a general hurray-word, and "negative" as a boo-word.

Point taken, DM, but did you ever come across him? I gather he was a bit of an operator when it came to university politics, than which, I am led to believe, there is nothing more deadly and vindictive!

Nope. He was Oxford, which I have visited only once on academic business. Mind you, I've visited several times as a tourist: my Lord it's lovely. My favourites are Worcester College, and the Duke Humphrey's library.

Oh dear, I used to do a bit of business in and around Oxford - never stopped to look at it - just pressed on to buy or flog the odd motor. What a philistine!

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