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Friday, 20 December 2013


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Other than that she is really cute, why is the on-looker not masked? It does not look like a dental procedure, and, if it were, the dentist would be in a different type of mask, anyway.

No, Michael, I think that is an eye procedure, they deal with a huge number of cataract operations, Ibelieve.

May find this link somewhat interesting. Dana Perino's (press secretary for G. W. Bush) experience aboard Africa Mercy this past summer.


Lets argue about the photgraph!

How about discusing the actual work, and GOOD, they are doing?

Very many thanks for that link, Uppers, and I'm sorry you were consigned to the Spam Box - suddenly TypePad has become ultra efficient!

Now, now, FT, you really must give your grumpiness a break - it's Christmas!

FT, I already gave them some money. I was just curious about the photo. Sorrrreeee!

See, TypePad does care about you.

Don't worry about 'FT', Michael, he's our resident 'grump' and the good thing is that if you are feeling in a bad mood and he leaves a comment you suddenly realise life isn't so bad after all! He even makes 'DM' seem quite sunny!

Don't mention bloody-bloody TypePad, 'Uppers', I am trying to post my Christmas card photo up here but I can't do it because TypePad doesn't 'speak' Microsoft - or something.

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