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Thursday, 12 December 2013


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Don't you worry. I have attended too many seminars in which postgraduate students have banged on about "gene expression". I eventually challenged one, saying that the expression was evidently a metaphor, so could he give us a definition instead? He could not.

Just remember that: most of the research results that you read about are taken by postgraduates without much ability at critical thinking.

David, I was impressed with this as I really had wondered, from time to time, about this very matter. True!!
And then I read DM's comment and it's back to square one.
4.30 in the morning and all this is going on.
I might as well go back to bed.
And it's Friday 13th.
It doesn't augur well so far, does it?

Thank you, DM, your bucket of cold water was most useful!

(Sorry, Andra, but you know what an old spoil sport he is!)

Thank you, too, JK, but alas I cannot take anything seriously written by someone called Dr. Swidbert Ott! He sounds like an escapee from a Harry Potter book!

I refuse to believe there is a person called Dr Swidbert Ott but I did once know very slightly a man called Franklyn B.A. Fysh. He was American in case you wondered.
I heard about him on the same day I bought a new phone/fax/message machine and so the "person" who took my messages on the lovely machine came to be known to one and all as Franklyn, and is to this day. I believe he is on long-service leave at the moment but I'm taking messages in his absence.
There you are. Some nice and useful information, I'm sure.
And gratis!
No thanks are required.


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