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Thursday, 26 December 2013


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David. Merry Xmas. The village Blacksmith is the RAOC Corps song. We have the band play it at our annual reunion. A solid song!
The bad news is the 'new computor' has lost Windows 8 completely. The mrs is sending it back. She has connected the old laptop to the main screne.

We watched "Death Comes to Pemberley" this evening. The chap playing Darcy bears a marked resemblance to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Tant pis!

Well, DM, I've just (half!) watched a recording and Mrs. Darcy doesn't look anything like Carla Bruni!

I had contemplated remarking on that myself, Sir, but considered 'twould be ungentlemanlike.

That is because, DM, you are neither a cad nor a bounder - like wot I am!

Goose scratchings, mmm - now there's an advantage over turkey!

Hmmn! Does sound a bit more appetising than cold turkey which I seem to have been eating for a lifetime.

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