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Saturday, 28 December 2013


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She looks like Frau Merkel with a makeover. Sorry Frau Merkel.

"She looks like Frau Merkel"

Which reminds me of the joke about Frau Merkel deciding to take a shopping trip to Paris. Arriving at the French border she is stopped by a Customs Officer who recognises her but decides to put her through the hoops anyway.
CO, "Name?"
FM, "Angela Merkel"

CO, "Nationality?"
FM, "German"

CO, "Occupation?"
FM, "No, just a shopping trip".

Having got that out of the way G'day Duff and greetings from the Land Down Under a.k.a the home of the Ashes. An ex-Brit friend of mine directed me to your blog and it has been/will be a good read.

Reference the lady[?]in the photo we have the same sort of Commissars down here as well although now we have a conservative government there are likely to be a lot less of them. The "Climate Commissioner" has gone as has his Department, we are no longer funding useless UN Climate scams and a Royal Commission into the criminal organisations known as Trade Unions is about to start in the New Year.

The sun is shining, God is in his heaven and the Ashes are home [and a nice Aussie Pinot Grigio is in the cooler in anticipation of tonight's sacrifice of a leg of lamb].




That should have read G'day David. My apologies. I dislike the use of just surnames heartily and forbade the practice in my command.

03:26 GMT. Australia just won the fourth test by 8 wickets. You blokes can do better than that.

I'll give this a third try. Don't know what happened to the last efforts.
"G'day Duff" should have read "G'day David". My apologies. I dislike the use of just surnames and forbade it in my command - but that was 23 years ago.

03:26 GMT. Australia has just won the Fourth Test by eight wickets. C'mon you can do better than that.

Oh, no, it's going to be one of those days! I come awake this morning to the dire news that our entire cricket team has surrendered, well, those of them who haven't already run away, and then going to my blog for comfort I find a gloating Aussie! I think I might go back to bed!

Well, g'day to you, too, mate (er, how's my accent?) If you become a regular visitor here at D&N which, I should point out, usually indicates a sad and lonely life, you will become used to the vagaries of TypePad which veer between publishing every sodding Spam ever invented in Asia, or, binning the lot but including perfectly normal comments from normal commenters. (Mind you, 'normal' amongst my regular clientele here is a tricky concept to pin down!) My first job every morning is to rescue 'prisoners' from the Spam Bin.

Anyway, welcome to D&N, 'AussieD' (so called to differentiate you from the very distinguished proprietor of this high-class blog). Feel free to visit as often as you like but just don't mention the 'c'-word - no, no, not that one, I mean 'cricket'!

I almost forgot, AussieD, do you think you could possible see your way clear to lending us your prime minister for a few years?

G'day David,

Accent is fine.

You can borrow the PM as soon as he has remedied six years of Labor profligacy. Labor? You got it - they are so dumb they cannot even spell the name of their party properly.

And I promise not to mention that word again - unless of course your lot mess up Test 5.

I'll be a regular visitor. Love the Brit sense of humour.

My friend's two boys came home from school the other day, singing this charming little ditty: -

"If your Mum gets angry,
and smacks you on the bum,
call oh, eight, hundred, double one, double one".

That's the number for social services to come and take your kids away.

And now the older child has sussed the fear in his parents, so whenever they start to discipline him, he raises two Churchillian v-signs to denote double-one double-one.

The state has reached into that family and destroyed the parental authority and replaced it with its own. The parents now live in fear of being sold out to the state by their own children.

Victory Gin anyone, looks like the second round's on me too?


It beggars belief!

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