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Sunday, 15 December 2013


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D'ye ken this 'un, Duffers?


As Shakespeare couldn't write his plays
(If Mrs. Gallup' s not mistaken)
I think how wise in many ways,
He was to have them done by Bacon ;
They might have mouldered on the shelf
Mere minor dramas (and he knew it !)
If he had written them himself
Instead of letting Bacon do it.

And if its true, as Brown and Smith
In many learned tomes have stated.
That Homer was an idle myth.
He ought to be congratulated.
Since thus, evading birth, he rose
For men to worship at a distance :
He might have penned inferior prose
Had he achieved a real existence.

To him and Shakespeare men agree
In making very nice allusions ;
But no one thinks of praising me,
For I compose my own effusions :
As others wrote their works divine
And they immortal thus to-day are.
Perhaps had some one written mine
I might have been as great as they are.

Arthur St. John Adcock

Thanks, DM, and I suspect that Arthur St. John Adcock would have been excellently witty company with whom to share a pint in 'Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese' in Fleet Street. By the way, is it true that it is really you who writes my blog?

You may very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment.


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