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Sunday, 01 December 2013


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Oh sod the Yanks: look at this horror story from our own ever-loving State.

The shift to the left is complete enough not just in the USA but in Europe as well that the rights influence is either non existent or so diluted that it cannot be distinguished from that of the left. The consequence of which is that the West already in decline is going to have that decline accelerated. This will lead to a type of dark age not that dissimilar to that experienced by the USSR for the 70 odd years of it's existence. Certainly democracy already fading will eventually become even more of a sham or disappear altogether. One difference will be that the economy will not be just based on the monopoly of the state although it will increasingly take a major role in the provision of products and services but will be split with large corporations specialist monopolies. This is going to be a very unstable situation and what it will produce I dread to contemplate.

DD. Probably neither will I. There is one glimmer of hope the Obama's, Maduro's, Hollande's and RedEd's and their governments of this world make such a gawd awful cock up of things when they are in government the people will call time on socialist policies and practices before they are irreversible. That perhaps is wishful thinking.

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