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Saturday, 14 December 2013


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Ryan in the House, cooked up a deal with Patty Murray in the Senate. Ryan is known for heavy-duty smartitude, and Murray is dense enough that she creates a gravity field that can draw things out of black holes. This combination is useful in trying to figure out: What are they up to this time?

The US has suffered for eighty years from the lack of an effective Conservative opposition. The Demagogue Party has the media and, now, the schools and universities in their pockets. They succeed in turning a reduction in the amount of increase in a budget item into TAKING FOOD OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF POOR CHILDREN. While plenty of Republicans have sold us out, and let the Demagogues bribe us without own money, there have been a good and plenty who just could not think strategically. They got played, every blasted time. We have an ineffective opposition because we have insufficient people who could think strategically.

Ronald Reagan succeeded, at least some of the time, because he out played the media. The TEA parties worked, for a while, because they were events that the media could not ignore. Eventually, the media converted them in the minds of people, average IQ only one hundred, remember,that they were violent and racist. However, the TEA parties did work, until that point.

Now, young Mr.Ryan may very well have suckered the Demagogues into a kind of trap. Can it be that God has answered prayer? Has He, at long last, sent us a strategist?

... you can but make it clear, over and over again, to the American electorate that these measures are Democrat measures ...!

But David! Just above you've "designed"

The main man responsible for what the 'Tea Party' activists have categorised as outright treachery is Congressman Paul Ryan.

I have another comment, stuck in spam, but I'll add this, Ryan is thinking strategically. For all of 2014, the political discourse in this country will be Obamacare, and nothing but. In eight years, if we have succeeded in taking back the congress and undoing a lot of the socialist omentum around our political institutions, Paul Ryan will have plenty of good garlands on his head. In the mean time, he can be the scapegoat for this "vile compromise", which even Ted Cruz is denouncing, although, we suspect, rather disingenuously, because he also knows how this will play out. Likewise, my Gal Sarah. She's no dummy, and she knows politics ain't bean bag. She has defeated the Alaska oil sheiks, and they are truly an oily bunch. She has to know what's up. It is so convenient for her and Ted to denounce this, AND Obamacare, and segue into more denunciation of O'care, as we approach the election. Yes! Sometimes, the good guys win.

And your point is, JK . . . ?

In opposition you should oppose vigorously but not to the point where you force a shut-down of the government because always you should have your eye on the next election and as the people will hate you if you upset the applecart then the answer is simple - don't do it! The opposition to the 'Obamacare' bill was vigorous and every single Republican voted against it so now it is a Democrat policy, they own it and we'll see what the people think of it next year.

I don't know that much about Ryan but he *seems* to be a convinced but *practical* conservative intent on winnin gpower not making futile gestures!

Michael, fear not, your trusty guardian will always rescue you from the dreaded spam box! (Quite why TypePad takes against you is beyond me - or them!)

Anyway, to your main point, yes, it is essential that the Republicans achieve two main aims, first, to win and hold the Congress - not easy over two forthcoming elections, and second, to win the presidency. It will not be easy against 'Team Clinton' and what a pity that 'Fauxcahontas' Warren has withdrawn! The Republican choice for presidential candidate will be crucial.

My great-aunt Eva didn't like me either. I finally learned, after fifty years, that it was because, when I was one year old, I said her nose was "heavy." It really was pretty big, and I was tactless, but a half-century's long time to hold a grudge against a one-year-old.

Oi, Duffers, if you wish to continue your series on the state of the States, consider this.

(H/T Seth's Blog)

Good grief, Charlie Brown, or, 'DM', I meant to say! But didn't we have a similar case 'over here' recently in which a forensic scientist was found out to be either incompetent or bent? Also, I will add that I very much doubt whether the majority of those 'innocents' who fell foul of this wretched women were actually 'innocent' even if now, quite rightly, their conviction is dismissed.

Now, young Mr.Ryan may very well have suckered the Demagogues into a kind of trap. Can it be that God has answered prayer? Has He, at long last, sent us a strategist?


Guess who said (Sept. 29, 2008) "Madam Speaker, this bill offends my principles. But I'm gonna vote for this bill -- in order to preserve my principles."

Authentiity aside, when "strategy" is mentioned in the context of a career politician, strategy is basically a synonym for "expediency."

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