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Sunday, 01 December 2013


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David old Chap. The FOX NEWS CORRESPONDANTS!! OOPPPS WILL no doubt have free health insurance inspite of not working for a living. I watched FOX for a laugh. Was it cooommebes and heenity the Yid and Pape, hilarious. You could not make it up but the yanks! What happened to them since they invaded Europe and left Europe to prosper while their citizens have died without a health service.

Calm down, Jimmy, and just tell me what you have been celebrating - I noticed the time of your comment!

Mr O'Rourke has recycled a joke from my time, when it took the form "I wanna be different (like everybody else)."

Ah, well, DM, when you're as old us two you've heard them all before!

You can have your NHS, if that's what you want. You can have your opinion, too, no matter how squirrelly it is. However, some facts might be helpful to an actual discussion, and any discussion of American health care finance that leaves Medicaid out of the talk is not even honest. When I worked in the Emergency Department, our biggest burden was people who qualified for Medicaid but were too lazy to go and apply for it. They just came in, got themselves and their kids treated and released, and stuck the hospital with the bill. Do NOT try to tell me that we are dying for lack of government-run health care. I personally don't like the way they run the IRS or the Department of Motor Vehicles. I am damned sure not willing to have these crooks and incompetent boobs run my health care.

"Calm down, dear" (a current Brit advertising saying) or you may end up in intensive care!

Oh, I am calm. You wouldn't like to see me get excited.

For some reason, I know a lot of British ex-pats here. They range from the CEO (from London), to my best friend in the office next to me (from Bradford). And others are just acquaintances. They range from left leaning (the Bradford guy) to extreme Thatcherites (the London guy). But all of them, without exception, will praise the NHS to the skies. Even the CEO. I don't get it.

It's simple enough to explain. They are alive, never having had to depend on the NHS for more than the very ordinary. They were mostly under fifty five when they emigrated, so were not triaged out of more advanced care. Of course it's convenient to have 'health care' like an ATM. The ordinary stuff is "free" and they never got to the extraordinary. I know plenty of people here who just love HMO's, for the very same reason. However, people in the know, who have an option, choose high-deductible insurance+Health Savings Account to finance their care. This would include nearly all physicians, and this practicing nurse. (And my more knowledgeable colleagues)

Medicaid is, in general, more generous than NHS, because anything denied by Medicaid faces howls of protest that "private insurance would not be so heartless". (Mostly, Medicaid pays for more of many things than private insurance, but that is still the battle cry when they call in their Congress critter and their State Rep.)

I hope I have provided a bit of clarity.

David. I was listening to Maria Callas. Bring a tear tae a gless eye she would. Were you thinking of St Andrews Day! I do not celebrate saints as they are fiction and made up by strange men with bad habits.

Dom, the subject of the NHS, and in fact, any sort of national medical cover is a fraught one. I think I will ponder on it and then maybe post on the subject.

DD, I'm looking forward to it, because for my friends, even the CEO, it brings "a tear tae a gless eye" if that means what I think it means.

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