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Saturday, 07 December 2013


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There is no "in"/"out" argument. The only answer is to destroy it at its roots!

"Each time Britain has leaned in favour of the lesser powers": no I don't think so. Note our government's indifference to the War of 1870, for example. Policy has been to ensure that lesser powers control the channel ports, rather than stronger. Since you usually can't do much about the French ports, that means caring particularly about the Low Countries. Presumably that's one reason why the cabinet frowned so much on the invasion of Belgium in 1914, and at the German army trying to execute a sweep along the French channel coast.

UKIP is a useful tool in which to gee up the Tories with and Farage is good at plain speaking. It is a pity that UKIP could not run a piss up in brewery. As for Germany wanting hegemony in Europe by flexing their economic muscle if that is so then the chances are they will suffer another defeat. They will find that hegemony will come with a price they cannot afford the periphery euro states are already ravenous for German money soon to be joined by France. A further encroachment will see those ravenous states eat Germany out of house and home. Once the Germans realize the cost of the intended further integration they will surely decide a strategic retreat will be more in their interests. I am betting on the eventual demise of the euro and the brakes being applied to further integration next year the centenary of the start of the WWI. Still I may be wrong and it will just be the start of WWIII fought with money as the ammunition this time.

FT, I worry about you sometimes! Relax and watch it destroy itself.

DM, yes there was a period in the post-Napoleonic 19th century when we were able to sit comfortably behind the impenetrable shield of the Royal Navy at let 'Johny Foreigner' get on with it - but that did not last more than a blink once the Kaiser began to build his navy!

Antis, I agree with you concerning the apparently poor quality of the average UKIP politician (not that the main parties are much better) but that is why I am keen to send them off to Brussels but *not* to Westminster. Germany will fight hard to maintain the EU in general but the euro-currency in particular. That gives them the globally cheap currency they want in order to sell even more BMSs, etc. If they have to return to the DM, they are in big trouble!

The purpose of UKIP is not to form a government. It is to act as a large club that the electorate can use to bash the LibLabCons round their silly heads till they sort themselves, and us, out.

I shall look to you, BOE, to take the first swing at the Euro-election next year!

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