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Tuesday, 03 December 2013


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Jingle bells, how many times do I have to tell you, your blog is hosted on the internet, not on your PC. So it doesn't matter if you can't connect to the internet, we can still access your blog because it's on the internet, even if you aren't.


Well I am, er, by the look of it - and I changed the do-flicker-router-thingies all on my own, so there! Of course, Lawrence, should you be looking for an experienced consultant on changing routers I am available at very reasonable rates!

Actually, I'm sitting here knee-deep in cables and wires and I can't quite believe it has all worked - mind you, I have yet to check your mother's laptop, so fingers crossed!

David I am not sure about what happens on my computor. I used to use Outlook Express email and it is still there somewhere but now have I am told web based email with BT. I JUST TYPE, SEND AND HOPE.

Well done, I'll bring the laptop down at Xmas and kick your arse on a battlefield somewhere,


"I JUST TYPE, SEND AND HOPE" - as fine a motto as I can think of in these techie days, Jimmy!

OK, Lawrence, you're on! And I sorted your mother's laptop this morning - God, I'm Good!

Modest, too!

Yo David!

We've a Warning, Warning, Warning offer here too (Global Warmnuttiests fer as I can figurest - I'm thinking ... you can figure it out)

Anyway - we're havin' some really severest Winter over ere Arkansas ... think you might check with the Hemm ... er, Deltoids?

Advise the Hemm, er, Deltoids just to "plug in" 72576 to check how the climate change is going. Some like it hot in America's South.

Yes, JK, I picked up a headline the other day warning that Arkansas was about to emulate Alaska. I was about to advise you put your Long Johns on but then I remembered that you hillbilly folk never take 'em off! And you mustn't poke fun at the Church of Deltoids, their congregation is disappearing fast!

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