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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


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Climate change is a fact and indisputable. Yes I agree with the eco-loons on that but only that as climate change is as inevitable as the movement of the planets around the sun. What they and I do not know is what the cause and effect will be. In any event there will be winners and losers as there have always been since the planet earth came into being. What our governments are doing on the say so of these buffoons is scandalous in the extreme and is something that we will all grievously regret. But then I am stating the obvious to the sane and rational. There appears a far more dangerous threat looming in that the vast Yellowstone Park dormant volcano is threatening to blow and when it does it will do far more damage than any climate change will do in fact it will be a severe climate changer. Are our governments spending vast amounts of money on addressing this threat. No they are not.

Thanks, Antis, and, er, Happy New Year to you , too! But you are quite right as I keep telling the 'Warmers', global temperature (assuming you can measure such an entity) goes up and down like whore's drawers, always has done and always will do - until, that is, the sun swallows us whole!

Er, by the way, just how "dormant" is that big boiler in Yellowstone Park? Jest askin'!

DD. It blows on average about every 700,000 years and it is now I believe overdue. It is massive in size many kilometres in depth and diameter a recent measurement shows that it is lifting the land significantly and the magma chamber is 2.5 times larger than anticipated. When it blows those not killed by the force of it will know what a real catastrophic climate change is all about as it will shroud the world in dust for years. Better enjoy 2014 in case it is the last one. Oh and a happy new year to you as well. I forget those merry this and happy that as I am too busy thinking up things to be pessimistic about.

Go and see Yellowstone while it's still there, Duffers. Purdy fine, pahdner.

G'day David. A Happy New Year to you and all who frequent this site - we get to start our headaches eleven hours ahead of you in the UK - don't know if that means we get rid of them earlier also.

Down here in The Great Southland the sceptics, moi included, are near paralysed with mirth at the poor little dears led so ably by warmist Turney being trapped in the Antarctic Summer sea ice.

The [previously and much publicised] intended purpose of the journey was to match the current temperature and sea ice data against that of Mawson a century ago and show how we are all going to hell in a human induced hand basket as the planet warms.

The irony of it all is that this ship of fools couldn't even get into the bay that Mawson used to off load his supplies three years in a row due to it then being relatively ice free. Why? Because the sea ice now extends so far out from coastal Antarctica.

Suddenly, according to the rather feeble warblings of Turney et al, the reason for the voyage has changed. No more mention of gerbil worming from the doomsayer Turney and a deadly silence from the left leaning, warmist loving press. The ship is now referred to as a "Tourist Ship".

You do know of course that this fiasco is being partly supported by your BBC so you all have a vested interest.

Personally I think we should stop our Antarctic Supply Ship from even attempting to rescue them and save some money. At least leave them there until we sceptics stop laughing at them which could be a long time.

God has a wicked sense of humour.

I do hope that they are paying the costs of their own rescue. That would be 'sustainable' for the rest of the public. Otherwise,it would be better not to waste resources on them. Let them evolve into plankton or penguins and adapt to their beloved environment.


They'll pay it out of funds from A & BBC. I do not mean to break into Godwin's law territory, but Hitler or one of his lackeys said that they would destroy the Jews, and make them pay for it, too. From Universities, subsidized by their various governments, to state-run media, like BBC, ABC, PBS and NPR to elementary and secondary schools, on our nickel, they destroy out civilization. We resist as we can. My son has three kids, home schooling all of them. Daughter is still at home, further into Right Wing Crazy Land than even her parents, home or private schooled, K through 12. Nineteen and writing her first novel.

In a delicious turnabout, her mother works for the IRS. THEY pay for our resistance. YES!

Thank you, gentlemen, for your various comments. Alas, I may not need Yellowstone to bring about the end of the world because the rain here seems likely to do it first! My absence from midmorning had nothing to do with my headache but everything to do with losing tel and internet comms. At last I am 'back on air'. Amazing how helpless you feel when these 'essentials' suddenly fail.

I reckon the warmitsts' summer holiday excursion to Antarctica is an early centennial re-enactment of Shackleton's voyage in 1914 - 15. It seems to be quite authentic so far, though I very much doubt that the current voyagers are anywhere near as resourceful as Ernest and his crew!

Anyway, I like this picture ( ) of the iced in ship.It doesn't have the artistry of Frank Hurley's photographs of a century ago, but it is more amusing.

David, I live in south west Wales, so the rain you get is sent on from here, after we have had our share. It has rained almost continuously since last night and the river that runs at the bottom of the garden is swollen and racing along. In the last two or three weeks I have recorded nearly 300mm, quite a contrast to last year which was cold and dry.

Anyway, a happy new year to you and all your loyal fans that visit this parish, as well as the warmists on their summer sojourn in the pleasant climes of the Antarctic.

Thank you, Paul, for your good wishes and likewise to you. When I first moved down here I always reckoned the rain would sweep up the western approaches as far as Crewkerne and then turn sharp left and go up to dump its rain on Wales. Nowadays it seems to keep on coming! As I write I gather that all those warmers are being air-lifted off their frozen ship by helicopter. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked - just think of all the CO2 they're producing!

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