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Monday, 13 January 2014


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"FDR's ideas from the New Deal" is a bit rich. FDR never had an idea in his life; his policies were an incoherent mess, some of them just copied from Hoover.

Prior to reading your article I was reading one on "Cafe Hayek" which was extolling the same non virtues that you describe of left wing policies and practices over there. Or should that be over here as I am currently just north of over there in Canada staying with my daughter for a while. If those considering decamping the UK I suggest not going South, I only got as far as France and that was an experience I would not wish on anyone, go west if you do not mind lots of snow and cold weather and come to Canada. I am not that up on Canadian politics or economics but what little I can observe is that it feels less authoritarian and more prosperous than any part of Europe.

Quite right DM, but do not leave out Wilson.

The crappo economics of the New Deal made a kind of sense, to people born in the 19th Century. Surely we have learned something in the past eighty years? Anything?

Roosevelt was a pretty typical Demagogue Party pol: Dispense largess->get elected to office->power->general goodness all around.

Johnson, no need to say, but I'll say it anyway, was the same, was, in fact, a Roosevelt protege.

Is is very useful for us to examine your politics, and vice verse, because we gain insight into the same ills on our own side of the water. (Somewhat like some of the group therapy sessions I conducted in my misspent youth.Those were not much fun for the participants, either.)

Personally, I think the USA has had it. It was the creation of a bunch of white heterosexual protestant Christians. It has been turned into something else to accommodate other sorts of people. It won't work; it has never worked anywhere in the world. We, of course, are on the same route as the Americans and it won't work either.

Oh God, just back from my swim and I read all the above and... well, I think I'll go back to bed!

Well, you can't come here, we already have our quota of Pommies.
Try New Zealand - all the bloody Kiwis are in Australia!

Disgraceful Kiwi-ism of the first order! I'd ban you but for the fact that I'm too frit!

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