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Friday, 03 January 2014


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"If “science” means “indubitable,” then there is no science in science. If it
means “very persuasive,” then much clear and honest thinking is scientific.

Actually, it doesn't (or didn't) mean either. The philosophers have a name for that sort of logical error, though of course to classify it as an error you have to assume that she he wasn't indulging in deceit.

Clumsy writer, Tom Jefferson, wasn't he?

I can only say, DM, that everytime I venture into 'Greenie-Warmist-Land' I am told very firmly that the 'science' is beyond argument or doubt.

As for Jefferson, alas, poor fellow, he suffers with the same problem I have - 'galloping comma-itis'. There was an article in The Times about a year back entitles something like "Don't use so many commas" but I couldn't find my way into it past Rupe's pay-wall. It reminds me of that line in Amadeus when the Emperor turns to Mozart when asked how he had enjoyed the concert and after a pause, says, "Too many notes, Mr. Mozart!"

I use too many commas too, but my English teacher would have criticised TJ's clumsy attempt at an aphorism on quite other grounds.

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