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Saturday, 18 January 2014


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Jeez, you've got some weird looking old blokes in the UK.
A lot of old hippies who don't seem to realise they're not really with it any more..........Keith Richards and other assorted "rock stars" spring to mind.

I know, I know, but it's amazing how many of you ladies ignore well-preserved handsome but impoverished gents like, er, me, actually, and rush for pint-size old multi-zillionaires like Bernie!

Oh well, I've fancied you for years, of course. I only have to think of you in your long-johns and I go all funny.
The only reason I haven't made a play for you is I'm scared of the memsahib. I reckon she'd send a hit man to eradicate me and possibly the cat.
So let's just keep this quiet and I shall continue to lust after your scrawny old body from afar.

Nah! She'd just pet the cat, ask you to pour a large Chardonnay and then proceed to give you 157 reasons why I'm a complete waste of oxygen and you two would then end up the best of chums.

(Bloody wimmin!)

Well, that sounds like a plan.
Book the ticket.

Not bloody likely!

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