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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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The seventh certainly is rousing, but I'm still a big fan of his fifth. Ever hear the 1st movement?

Years ago I bought music in much the same way as I did books, that is, by the oddity of the names and/or titles. I still remember vividly wandering round a motorway services shop late at night looking at the tapes - yes, it was that long ago! - and I saw the name Shostakovich which I knew but I didn't know his music. I bought it on impulse, stuck it in the car and heard the opening movement of the Fifth. The rest of the journey was a deep and abiding pleasure. I have heard it live on a couple of occasions including once conducted by his son. At that concert his grandson played the 2nd Piano Concerto. I have managed to use bits of his music in three of my play productions.

Dolly Parton is coming to Cairns next month.

"Dolly Parton is coming to Cairns next month"

Heavy sigh. Does she sing as well?

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