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Friday, 10 January 2014


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What a delightful fella. Nothing like a sharp jolt of reality to wash down the morning java.

Do cheer up: Dutchy Hollande has been accused of playing away; he's huffed and puffed but hasn't denied it. He visits his inamorata disguised in a motor-cycling helmet, it is claimed. So it's not just taxes that he can get up, allegedly.

I do hope you didn't spill any, Uppers!

Yes, DM, and being France his exploits will probably push his ratings up even as his economy goes down!

I to am and have always been pessimistic that the euro-zone crisis has yet to unfold very badly to all our detriment. The optimist in me hoped the upside would be that it would also cause the implosion of the the EU as well. In the past I have been very vocal and predicted all sorts of calamities occurring but to my chagrin they have not come as yet at least true. Of late I have remained silent as the consensus appeared to be that the worst was over and all would be well though I did not believe a bit of it. Your article and the quotes within it has breathed a new lease of pessimism into me as it is articulating that which I believe the future has in store. Most events are caused by catalyst or accelerated into motion by one not all granted and in this case Hollande is the catalyst and a god send to the euro-sceptic.

I know nothing about Europe and France, but I thought this article might be interesting around here. It was an eye-opener for me.

Fascinating link, Dom, I'll respond properly tomorrow.


Y'all make a lot of really good stuff, except the cars. However, you are absolutely horrible at selling it. Your wool knits? The heathen Chinee are selling more. I last bought a wool sweater in Britain thirty years ago, and, since knits stretch, I would still be wearing it, but for its falling behind a dresser so I did not get it into the freezer before Mother Moth laid her eggs. The replacement came from, you guessed it, China. The Kenwood electric mixer? I am a pretty serious cook, and our Kitchenaid is a good competitor, but I had a Kenwood before, I would not have bought the Kitchenaid, except that it was impossible to get parts, and the attachments were made of cast aluminium, and would outlast the mixer, instead of lighter, and sufficiently durable plastic.

American like to buy British for several reasons, quality, design, centuries of habit, whatever, and, in the Internet age, we can and do buy mail order (On-line) stuff when we can. I got some Blue Calico bowls for the BSU this past Christmas, and the makers and the sellers speak our language. They write such pleasant e-mails, too, when there is some problem with the order, such as my bank thinking my debit card has been stolen because there is a charge in Staffordshire when I am clearly still in Texas. Always signed with a first name, always nice. There's no real tariff, shipping COULD be easy and cheap, but no! Come on cousins, sell us your stuff. We'll both be richer for the deal.

G'day David,

Been to France some years ago. Lovely place. Food was good, the natives friendly - especially around Villers Bretoneux where they still remember April 1918 with gratitude and the Australian War Memorial is located. [Grandfather spent two and a half years there 1916 to 1918 after visiting Turkey - or part thereof].

My ancestors left France at the same time as the Heugenot's exodus. They were also not of an acceptable religion and, shock horror, not even Christian.

Unfortunately France is the living and ongoing proof of the uselessness of socialism. Shame.

Also went to Belgium. Seemed like a poor excuse for the Empire to go to war in 1914 - yes I know the reasons are a lot more complex. Although it may have been for the beer and the chocolate.

I read Dom's link. An interesting perspective.

It's a "veritable shitstorm" that will more likely get Dave 'n' George re-elected, so long as it's perceived as not of their making. If it's all roses, the electorate'll put the reds back in.

If the Jerries follow through on their domestic "fiscal laxity" policy promised late last year, and aggregate demand rises in the Eurozone (albeit it temporarily), lifting the PIIGS and France off the rocks and sustaining Blighty's recovery, that'll be a disaster for the Tory / Ukip camp come May 2015.

For the sake of the long term, we need to pray for the Euro catastrophe to return with a vengeance in the short term.

Viva le miserables!

Now here's a real cheerer-upper.

Aussie D, I had forgotten that Jews were also in that heap of trouble in France, and for the same reason as the Huguenots: Whatever their manner of worship, they were definitely bourgeois, and the rising bourgeoisie was the source of conflict in Western Europe for centuries, generally described as "religious wars."

Why oh why, Duffers, are we always told that this sort of thing is illegal here?

I used to go to France several times a year on holiday. Nowadays I go to Germany. Why is that? Because France is overrun with scruffy Africans and Arabs. Mind you, I don't go to London either, for the same reason. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!

We'll all be rooned said Hanrahan.
Looks like he was right.

Alas, ladies and gentlemen, because of my unwarranted absence yesterday this comment thread has "growed and growed" and I can't reply in detail. Suffice to say that we must all urge President Hollande on to even greater efforts - no, no, not shagging actresses, I mean socialism red in tooth and claw. It might, just, remind enough Brits of what they are missing!

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