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Monday, 27 January 2014


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We should invite Obama to bomb Tower Hamlets. At least he could be sure of hitting a few thousand Somalis.

And you're 'a very naughty boy, too', BOE!

Heckuva way to begin the week Duff.

...Dolly's prescription, "Go git your man'! Ooops, just remembered, she advised her ladies to 'Stand by your man' ...

In the immortal words of HillBilly,

"I'm not gonna be a cookie baking dishing-washing version of _________"

Stand by for incoming!

Didn't Dolly sing it, too, JK?

If David you're meaning Dolly Madison, then, I think it's just possible.

There's only one, er, I mean two, no, sorry, one, Dolly!

Sorry JK:

S'alright Dom.

I only checked her website's 'discography' - discovering a pair of∞ examples of Pigeon Ford's finest surprising me again with her range of covers shouldn't have I suppose.

I used to be in the construction business (ever read me type I dabbled in electrical things? - kinda like David mentioning, er, I think he may've mentioned, some'eres, he dabbled in swimming?)

Anyway. There was to be built what was described to me as a combination rodeo/restaurant with the electrical contract in the neighborhood of some $300K & would I bid on it? I was already hard at work on a $2.6M project so I just "sort of" passed the specs along to Engineering at Corporate back in Oklahoma.

I met with a group of other electrical contractors to present "my bid" to the General Contractor - and though "mine" was among the three lowest to be considered further I said something like, "Hey Pollo, why don't you underbid me by a few thou? Who the fuck would want to chew corn off a cob with the aroma of horseshit anyway? Whoever came up with the idea in the first place would be nobody I'd want to associate with."

There was a commotion in an adjoining room - suddenly ∞ was all I could see.


I mentioned electrical contracts of $2.6M above. I guess I should keep in mind, though some folks never comment on sites I recommend as good reading ("dubious" - "I wouldn't want anybody finding out I actually read there" - "Good God JK, certain of the stockholders'll be out for your balls if [...]" - "Robert's gonna be mad at you" - "etc" "etc" "etc".

DAVID?!! It would "appear" not everybody known to Conservative me, wants to be identified as reading Conservative You!

Heh, heh heh ...

Ah yeah. The Stampede, walking distance from Holiday Inn and catty wompus from The Down Under Lounge, opened 1995.

"Stand By Your Man" co-written by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill and originally recorded by Miss Wynette and released in September 1968.

Thanks Ups.

Ah country and western music - I could never work out which was which. Now Dolly Parton I can appreciate - and you don't even need the sound turned up.

If you run out in Tower Hamlets we've got a few recent arrivals we can let you have.

Do I go stand in the corner now?

Do I go stand in the corner now?

No Siree Aussie D!

Though in this "below listed place" it's a slight bit different. But I can't be bothered overmuch to explain.

Aussies & hillbillies (at least me & "your" Andra) have some things in common.

(Shit. I'm beginning to read like a Branson advertisement - But should any y'all think that, ask how "wonderful" it was JK questioned the building codes.)


All's well that end[ed] well.

Well, look at that. A home away from home in good old Branson, Missouri.

I'll have to add it to my places to see before I go ga-ga list.

Lots of Tammys have "stood by their men" I believe.
Tammy Faye Baker (the make-up queen) springs immediately to mind. What a wonderful little woman she was. An inspiration to us all.

Ahh Jessica.

Andra the "nice Austrailian Lady."

Preachers & ...


I may've been a "little" oh, I dunno - obtuse maybe?

Google Jim & Tammy Bakker with Branson's "New Jim" Bakker Googling (as well as Pre-Internet allows, Jessica Hahn) ... well,

How was I to know?!!!

Jessica Hahn Andra, I assure you ... was simply a "Misunderstood Lady" .... .... until .. was it you Andra? Got her in Penthouse.

I personally prefer the old Mayfair!

JK, I rather fanced "Forum" myself.

Sometimes, after a good night's sleep, I come up here and switch on, read the comment threads . . . and it's rather like wandering onto a stage in the middle of a Samuel Beckett play!

David, Andra and AussieD are just two personae invented by JK. Either that or sober Australians sounds just like drunken Arkies.

That would explain it, Dom!

Who are you accusing of being sober?

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