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Friday, 24 January 2014


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... the American tactical approach to security intelligence gathering against potential terrorists is to find the evidence as fast as possible ...

That David, is a spot-on observation as to why "ours" seem so inept nowadays.

The Times Square would-be bomber detected by a hot dog vendor, the Somali plane would-be underwear bomber tackled by a fellow passenger. Of course no need to mention either Manning or Snowden as our Intel Fellows were busy sucking up blue-haired Mormon Grandmother's telephone "metadata" as they waited in the line for our TSA fellows to "feel them up" before Granny could get on the plane.

"Our" Intel methodology recognizes there's a needle in a haystack and so what do they do?

Pile even more hay onto the stack.

I can't remember where but I did read some time ago that there were real worries over the unbelievable number of security agencies working in the States. The worry was that the intel was swamped and might never reach the decision-makers. Shades of Benghazi, perhaps!

Not counting the fusion centers (partnerships between the Feds & the States) the Agencies - officially anyway - number 16. Each with its own bailiwick and methodologies and highly protective of turf.

Because (if we are to accept the reported numbers) each and every digital transmission goes into a "to be studied" bin - the number of potential "suspects" = whatever the US population is. Three hundred and fifty million roundabouts I think.

Another example I omitted above but should've owing to, even though the Russkies sent along a You fellows ought to pay attention to this Tsarnaev fellow's telephone conversations our FBI apparently couldn't (or wouldn't) advise whatever agency watches over Boston.

Well, the answer seems obvious to me. Sack every single one of every single spy organisation in the USA and let JK handle it all. He will obviously need to recruit a few other bodies to help but I have absolutely no doubt that he can run the whole shebang from his home computer set-up.
And I'm serious about this.
I think JK's more on the ball than the thousands of minions flitting about the world on the USA spy stage right now.
Put that before Congress or wherever.

David. The free movement of people and Britain joining the EU and accepting the decisions of the EU Courts is the threat to our people. Our security services are tracking hundreds if not a few thousand now but cannot boot them out of our country. If they have a British passport and originate from wherever then withdraw the passport and drop them of at the border of their ancestral homeland.

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