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Wednesday, 01 January 2014


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It will all be downhill from now of course but it will not be her fault it will be those filth capitalists the same ones wot done for Venezuela. It seems suppliers of goods and services keep put putting prices up when the great socialist leader economic incompetence causes inflation to rise to astronomical levels. The answer it appears is to send in the troops to force suppliers to decrease prices below cost levels or give them away free. Hollande is following the same path and no doubt RedEd will do the same when he enters no 10 in 2015. Well he has said as much since he is going to freeze energy prices the ones he forced to rise faster than they should have done in the first place. Truly if you have an electorate that are intellectually challenged and do not learn from the lessons of life that are in abundance all around the place then you will get leaders who are exactly the same. Perhaps I am being too harsh and it is the socialist bribe of something for nothing through wholesale redistribution of wealth while it lasts that is that get these morons elected.

Some amount of inequality is inevitable in capitalism, and I don't think that is unfair. Some people work longer, some are smarter, some are lucky, and some have wealthy parents. None of that is unfair.

Total equality is always unfair, and always evil. Look at North Korea.

Indeed, Antis, and my finger is pointing firmly at the 58.21% of the Chilean population who did *not* vote.

At least in North Korea, Dom they share their misery fairly equally!

Whilst Ms. Bachelet only received 26% of the total potential vote, she in fact did quite well compared with our own general election results. In 2005, 'New Labour' received only 21.6% of the total eligible vote (35.2% poll on a 61.4% turnout) and the Tories received only 23.5% of the eligible vote in 2010 (36.1% poll on a 65.1% turnout).

No doubt Chile will come to regret their decision in a year or two, just as France seem a trifle fed up with Ed Millibrain's best friend, M. Hollande.

DD & Dom. I am probably telling you something you already know in that inequality rises under socialism and falls under free market capitalism. There is plenty of evidence to support that just looking back at the last Labour government's successes few if any and failures and inequality can be seen to have increased. Socialism in any form it takes from Marxism through to social democracy is an anathema to me as I see it as dangerous to everyone's wealth and well being and I will spend what little time I have left pointing that fact out to anyone who will listen sadly that will not be many. The labour/socialist movement started out with the best intentions and initially did some good and it's lasting legacy has been to make us all a bit more socially responsible. However what started out as a movement to improve conditions and fight injustice has turned into a movement to subjugate all and turn them into dependent automatons that toe the socialist line. Socialism cannot flourish in a democracy and we still have some of that left but eventually we will not and so we will have to wait until tyranny and impoverishment is more than most can bare and the backlash happens before the scourge of socialism can be beaten back.

David & Dom. I am sure the socialist leaderships in the various dictatorships share the same poverty as their people.

Careful, Jimmy, irony is a tricky weapon to deploy!

"the Tories received only 23.5% of the eligible vote in 2010": since our present govt is a coalition, what's more relevant is the %age got by Conservatives + Lib Dems.

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