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Saturday, 25 January 2014


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I'll fess up immediately. I'm a Philistine. The whatever they are above look like the scribblings of a demented person. It is about as intelligible as the dot paintings of Australian Aboriginals.

Imagine explaining to your grand child that the second one shown is actually a portrait of your granny.

I await the chastisement sure to come my way.

Tomorrow is the 26th which is Australia Day so thank you Poms for starting what has turned out to be the finest place on Earth.

Our treat today is a family Burns Supper this evening. I'll be doing the Address to the Haggis, no doubt.

How does one spell "Picasso" such that larcenous happiness is conveyed?


No, no, AussieD, art is a visceral experience, you look, you like, or you don't like, and then, if you can be bothered you try to work out why. But don't think Klee was a painter who didn't think long and very deeply about his art, it is the way it is for good reasons.

DM, does Mrs. DM bring it on a silver platter from the kitchen with a piper preceding her? And I tried Burns' poem on Google Translate because, of course, it is unintelligible to an Englishman, and it blew up!

And talking of poetry, JK, "larcenous happiness" almost qualifies. Mind you, I'm not entirely sure what you mean but, hey, that's poetry for you! Do *you* like Klee's works?

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