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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


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"...on account of their disgusting habit of eating anything that grows!"

The man's a cretin - that's goats!

He's a bloody fool if he thinks that all our high ground will be covered by lovely broadleaved woodland. Still if we deer-fence off a decent patch (paid for from the nearly billion pounds on which the Guardian lately avoided tax), expel the sheep, and wait a decade or five, we'll see, eh?

Stupid man is about a thousand years to late.The sheep on the lakeland fells near me were started up there by the Vikings.Has he seen how deep the soil is on top of a fell? The only stuff that will grow up there is a very hardy grass and bracken.

Lambs are such sweet little things - rubbed with olive oil and garlic and roasted slowly.

Moonbat and eco-loon he maybe but on this he may have a point it is a "settled scientific fact" (which cannot be said for the reasons for climate change) that woodland does help to prevent flooding for the very reasons he gives. I am a great believer in tackling environmental problems when they are genuine, observable, tangible and measurable and flooding is. Of course we cannot have the greenies anywhere near deciding on the solution to the problem as quite rightly as you say they will come up with the wrong one. A reasoned and rational approach without eco-loon interference using technological innovation could I am sure come up with a solution that allows habitats being established so that woodlands or substitutes could be created that help prevent flooding and keep excellent English lamb (far superior to New Zealand because it is frozen during transit, no doubt fresh is equally as good) on the table.

But how much of the land above about a thousand foot will support much in the way of trees? Dear God, in the Western and Northern Isles you have trouble getting trees to flourish near sea level.

A nice Spring lamb from Victoria is pretty damned good too!
Plenty of mixed herbs and lemon juice - Greek style. Hmmm hmmm!


Sounds like the Old West is coming to England.'_War

Lamb chops with mint jelly!!! UM UM Good!

G'day Andra,

And don't forget lamb shanks slow cooked in the oven and served with mashed spuds, a little sauerkraut, gravy and peas.


DM, you really must watch Hank's second YouTube link, it will warm the cockles of your Scottish heart!

Andra and AussieD, will you please stop with all these horrible lamb recipes! Lamb doesn't need garlic (pause to spit!), herbs, spices and nothing in the world deserves sauerkraut whose very name sums up its awfulness! Just leave it alone, roast it, carve it, put it next to some spuds, carrots and runner beans and cover with gravy. I will allow the ladies and the girly-men to add mint sauce if they really can't do without!

Johnd and Antis, I bow to your superior expertise in these matters. I simply start on the basis that anything 'lGM' proposes should be taken with the same sort of caution as you would have required when buying one of my old bits of 'shrapnel'!

Mint bloody sauce? Really! Redcurrant jelly, my dear fellow.

Jelly is for kiddie-winkies' tea-parties, DM, not for Sunday lunch! Actually, the 'Memsahib' is a redcurrent jelly fan which is why I make her eat in the garage!

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