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Friday, 31 January 2014


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Partly for the same reason as Labour opened the floodgates to immigration during their last attempt and success at buggering up the UK's economy and society the right will probably not ever again put a PM into no 10. Coupled with which the left are much better at bribing the electorate than the right because sustainability is not part of their lexicon and even if it was would be ditched in the pursuit of being in power to heap more miseries on the UK's gullible and intellectually challenged citizens.

Now look here, Antis, you really must cheer up even if you're spot on! I do the miseries round here.

David. Maybe civil war mark 2 is on the cards for the US. The innovators and wealth creators if replaced by welfare takers is a sure sign of destruction for any society.

Well, that's a tad extreme, Jimmy. I think it's more likely to be a slow steady decline - does that remind you of somewhere close, Jimmy?

It does David. Our great wee country that was the industrial engine of the UK is now in the hands of foreign investors who will leave depending on the outcome of the referendum. Faslane will relocate south. Ship building will end and so on. The comrades will be glad to see thousands of lost jobs to satisfy their so called conscience. Strange old world.

To quote the current jargon, Jimmy, 'I feel your pain'!

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