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Friday, 17 January 2014


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How dare you Sir!

Free-spending drunken sailors are of course, well known (and admitted generally speaking) but to be cast in the lot alongside Pols, impugns unnecessarily and cruelly.

Better to compare politicians wild spending on, in the context of the US to, The Federal Reserve Chair!

Oh, Duffers, baronetcies don't bring seats in the Lords - they're just hereditary knighthoods. Do you really want a Sir SoD swanking around in due course? I think not. Though his inamorata could became Lady SoD.

Sorry, JK, but I saw the American fleet, er, 'in action' in Singapore back around the mid '60s. Not a pretty sight but their Shore Patrolmen were hideous beyond belief! They each had enough muscle to make three weedy Brits. But still, the Bars did cracking business and all the girls were "velly, velly happy 'cos the Yankees tip more than the Brits pay!"

Dammit, DM, have I been misled by the gentry again! Right, I'm off to join the SWP and do away with all this monarchy lark!

Quote: "Though his inamorata could became Lady SoD"

Would the SoD family, significant other and offspring, be then known as SoDall?

More like SoDoff!

Love the Brit turn of phrase.

Short, succinct and very like our own.


Comparing politicians to off duty drunken sailors on liberty is rather unfair to the sailors. Sailors are usually pretty sober when at sea (if they want to make back to port.) Politicians are often that drunk on duty.


While Gov Christy is as about as far right as one can get in NJ and still be elected, nationally is a little left of center, and in Republican strongholds to far left to count.

May he spend a long time as the NJ governor, we won't get any better, but he never has had any real hope of getting a republican presidential nomination.

Hank. You are right I recall one off HM Ships arriving in Gibraltar for R&R. The ships sailed out a few days later minus a few sailors banged up in the Gib nick for enjoying themselves! The Rum Ration should be re-introduced.

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