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Thursday, 09 January 2014


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G'day David.

Some years ago we had a string of "n'er do wells" with long and violent criminal histories and prone to carrying concealed weapons sent to their maker via the marksmanship of the Victoria Police. At the same time the score in NSW was not so high.
A Commissioned Officer of VicPol was asked why he thought the Victoria Police killed more "n'er do wells" than their interstate comrades. With a straight face [and absolute honesty] he replied, "We train them better".

True but not very sensitive of him. :-)

And we had the usual string of Aunts and Uncles declaiming that "their boy" was just misunderstood and the nasty coppers had no cause to shoot him just because he pointed a gun at them.

The big mouth on the TV this morning was his auntie Carole. I wonder what her background is? I read somewhere that she is American. She sounded just like a member of the SWP. Perhaps we could deport her to somewhere nice - Syria perhaps?

Her background? Well, just Google Dessie Noonan...

Thanks, AussieD, obviously Victoria is the place to stay on any visit to 'Oz'!

Yes, I think you're right, BOE, but, whatever, she looked like a real harridan - and Syria is too good for her!

Ah, dear Julia, for such a sweet lady I don't know how you stay sane after immersing yourself and your excellent blog in all the criminality and the legal shenanigans that goes with it. You do a public service and I think Dave should put you on the honours list, er, but I'm not holding my breath! And anyway, who'd want a medal from that prune!

I'm just relieved that when the Met shot an unarmed man, it was a gangster this time.

Don't worry, DM, I have every confidence that they'll get round to you eventually!

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