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Wednesday, 08 January 2014


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I know David whenever you think of Gangsters in America, Chicago is what likely leaps to your mind.

Just remember Bill Clinton spent more of his youth in Hot Springs than he ever did in Hope.

Peter Brown's own 'Through the Eye of a Needle' is also very good. Best wishes for your wife!

This explains the fall of Rome! The legions were all knackered from too much sex. The Barbarians, on the other hand, didn't get much sex at all. Too smelly!

The stricter sexual mores of Christianity were, apparently, key to its appeal to the Romans. Typically, upper class ladies, tiring of their husbands' shenanigans, would convert, and bring the children up in the faith. The men would find themselves presented with a fait accompli, in the shape of Christian offspring.

Thank you, JK, but as a proper British gent I would not wish to enter any spring, hot or otherwise, which had previously been occupied by Mr. Bill Clinton, er, nor his missus, either, come to that!

Yes, Ortega, he made reference to his own earlier book in his review saying graciously that the later work went further than his.

Not much change today then, BOE, those Italian men in their fancy suits (as described by DM) always pull the birds!

'H', you touch on a point made in the review that the matrons of ancient Rome did not partake so often or so enthusiastically as their husbands in the orgiastic social scene! I have another theory which I will pontificate on later.

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