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Thursday, 23 January 2014


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Well-spotted, JK, I knew we kept you on for a reason! I'm off to bed now so no time to read her but I am delighted the lady is back.

To wake to then. *Note when you do wake it'll be nearabouts 0°F where I am - I "think" cold enough to trap any Aussies looking for Antarctic glacier melting.

Well, call in if you're in the neighbourhood, JK.

"Useless information part 326. Did you know that only men with small testes like to look after small children? Those who are more generously endowed are more likely to say ‘You wanted it, you look after it‘."

I didn't know this - could be where I went wrong with my first and only husband.

I'll keep it in mind, though. Very handy information and I'll pass the news around.

Thanks, JK. You're a gem.

JK the wanker [Turney] and sundry psychophants who accompanied him and went way south to prove the ice was melting and got stuck in same has been de-Aussiefied/ex-communicated/cast out/dismissed and roundly ridiculed by every one other than the died in the wool warmists.

God bless him he has done more to set the warmists back on their backsides than a team of sceptics using logic.

God has a wicked sense of humour.

Well AussieD, we'll may bring David back into the fold,

God is truly, The Master of the Ironyverse!

JK, I have a pair of long-johns going cheap, one careful owner, no skid marks - could be yours in exchange for a food-parcel! Actually, for inventing "The Master of the Ironyverse" you can have then for nothing.

Andra, it is usually JK who confuses me but this time it's you. What has all this stuff about men with small testes got to do with the price of turnips?

Andra, I have just caught up with the redoubtable Ms. Raccoon so now I understand where your remarks came from.

The fight took place on thursday morning in the grounds of the Saatchi Gallery. Our undercover reporter was there and videoed the fight. Here is the result
This is the result of round two early this morning

But ... but ... Jimbob, I was expecting much more blood. So was Nigella!

Andra, I have just caught up with the redoubtable Ms. Raccoon so now I understand where your remarks came from.

Er, David? Sometin wrong wid yore memory banks?

You don't need to go offsite so to "now I unnerstan"!

"Sometin wrong wid yore memory banks?

Yes, JK, I put them down somewhere, if you come across them do let me know.

Anyway, who needs memory banks when one has one's own JK?!

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