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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


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The SNP has framed the debate as McWestminster = good, Westminster = bad. And the In supporters have gone along with that.

What about the option to scrap the corrupt Westminster model altogether - such as Swiss semi-direct democracy? The Scots are being conned into choosing from a 2-item menu as if McWestminster is the only alternative. If the Scots fall for that, they will be complete mugs. They will find out the hard way that it's just as far from Glasgow to Edinburgh as it is from Edinburgh to London.

"it's just as far from Glasgow to Edinburgh as it is from Edinburgh to London.

That's a shrewd observation, Decnine, and the more local 'local politics' are the more vicious they are!

If you want the bracing effects of independence you must surely leave the EU too? That's what I'd hammer at the Nats.

The rest of the UK would be better off without the Scots without the Scottish MPs the left will lose its electoral advantage and probably be hard pressed to win a majority and place another moronic Labourite into no 10.

Scotland appears to be hell bent on building a socialist Utopia there so I say let them get on with it at least the rest of the UK will not have to subsidise it or bail it out when it inevitably goes very expensively wrong.

As for changing from government by Westminster to that of Brussels that will not be such a big step as Westminster itself is mostly governed by Brussels now. It does say a lot of the SNP mindset though as how being hitherto governed by Westminster which is mostly benign and supportive to being governed by Brussels that is far from benign and very demanding is a preferable option.

The problem, I guess, is that not very much mind is being applied to the question, just a lot of heart!

We English who wish we might have independence, are in a sad way. Our political representatives are all anti-English, even the non-Scottish ones. No way do we have a snowball's chance of an independence vote. Our MPs would faint at the mere suggestion of giving us a vote, and if we did have a vote the Welsh and the Scots would get a vote as well so as to avoid discrimination.
So any Englishman or woman who wants independence should support the Scottish vote for independence as the only way to achieve English independence.

I can't find anywhere in all of this a facility for we English to vote. If it's a union shouldn't both parties be involved in a possible dissolution?

Ah, well, if the Nats get their way it shouldn't involve too much trouble. Just change a couple of letters around. So United Kingdom becomes Untied Kingdom. Problem solved.

Such a lot of areas want to have "Independence" - and a wonderful thing I'm sure it is too, but they generally don't seem to be able to support themselves.

Wouldn't you think this "Independence" lark would be a bit tricky if you didn't have enough money to run the bloody joint?

Still, I suppose if you have a nice new flag and lots of mayors and councillors and minions that's the main thing. Everybody can get a "company" car and a secretary and have long lunches.

Viva Independence!


Whitelaw, the notion that the Scots, were they to lose their vote for independence would take their revenge by voting to keep Britain in the EU is a shrewd notion which had not occurred to me.

John, obviously you are a skilled crossword practitioner!

Hmmmn!, Andra, "a "company" car and a secretary and have long lunches", sounds alright to me but only if you will volunteer to be my secretary!

David: "not very much mind is being applied to the question, just a lot of heart!"


The decision will be made on "Braveheart" grounds, ie totally on emotions and "we hate the English"-type rhetoric.

Logic or economics won't come into it.

Unfortunately logic and economics are the arguments the Unionists are using.

Fingers crossed that common sense prevails in the end. Won't be it be great to see the smirk wiped off that pompous face?

"Won't be it be great to see the smirk wiped off that pompous face?"

I would pay good money to see it! What a chancer, just like Ed Balls but at least Salmond has some charm with it to hide the nastiness.

I am the best PA in Australia, bar none.
I'm not sure I'd want to work for you, especially if it had to be done in the UK but, just in case, I get $ 1,200 a week, car allowance, bonuses and 2 RDO's a month.
And you're not allowed to talk about religion or politics.
I'll send you the application form and we'll see if you qualify as a suitable employer.

I'm just off to bed, Andra, and I shall fall asleep wondering what RDOs are. I suspect that at my age twice a month is all I could manage - whatever they are!

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