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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


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Any chance David, your archives go back to 1997/98?

I'd enjoy reading whether you "predicted" Blair was gonna be a Hamlet or whether a Coriolanus.

(As for why I'm not commenting on "Andra's Tits" post - I began feeling very faint just reading it - I'm not used to aerobics. Besides, I'm divorced now going on fifteen years - looking at pert, delectable, fresh, peachy, firm, delicious-appearing, squeezily-looking, yummy, ...

Anyway, without a wife to yell at me - I get lost in tits.)

Ah, JK, go to bed.....perchance to dream.

And it is nice to think that one person was so enamoured with the play that his email address still reads "Tristan Zara" in honour of the show.

I'm afraid that Jemima passed away some time ago, but we still remember her.

I will send a more comprehensive reply later to your email.

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