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Friday, 24 January 2014


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Pop across to wander round the Saatchi (Top of Kings Road, adj Sloane Sq) & after please drop by the Pieminister Stall in the outdoor Partridges Food Market for a free gratis & for nothing hand made gourmet Pie.

(Code for your freebie : My name is Lobby Ludd........)

You lucky man !

Kind regards

You forget that those businesses who set up in Johnny foreigner land employ johnny foreigner so the attractions of the UK and especially London are not as important as you believe. Also the disadvantages of the high labour costs, onerous rules and regulations and taxes in the UK outweigh the disadvantages of locating in other places.

But my point, Antis, is that employing and operating in 'Bongo-Bongo-Land' has considerable, sometimes insurmountable, difficulties and if the legal system is, er, illegal, you ain't in with a chance! One remembers fondly BP striding into Russia all gung-ho and then, after being relieved of a stack of dosh, slinking out by the back door. Yes, of course, there are problems everywhere but I'd rather have problems in this country than most others!

DD. Yes of course you are correct but there are other places that although have much that is dodgy about them can never the less offer attractions that trump that of the UK. With globalisation has come with it intense competition a good thing but the left and the EU have either neglected to allow for it in their calculations because their ideology does not allow it, the left or have decided to take a protectionist approach because that is the continental European mindset, the EU. Between them they are killing the hopes and dreams of Europe and making it harder to attract businesses to Europe and those already here driving them away.

Quite so, Antis, which is why (for a change!) I think Cameron is right to pursue this "re-shore" policy. When the EU gives him a slap for his impudence perhaps he will begin to realise what a menace they are.

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