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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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Pullleeeze DD, thou doest protest too much. France, one of the most civilised countries on Earth has a sensible attitude to politicians. The country is run by professionals - the Enarchs - and the politicians are left to do what politicians are good at - partying, sex games, corruption, lying and being a nuisance. Of course politicians lie, polite society would be mortally offended if a politician uttered the truth, so gauche mon brave. We in the UK will have reached such a level of insouciance when Mr C can indulge his most bizzarre passions on the steps of St Pauls in broad daylight and it fails to make the 6 o'clock news - all assuming Mr C has any passions worthy of the name.

Will France go down the tubes, I doubt it. Built on wine and cheese, wonderful countryside and the world's best architecture and weather why should the French bother themselves making those brutal German cars or those ridiculous Ipad thingies or demean themselves with 'Apps'. Non mon ami, le terroir - c'est la France, but they might have to cut back the social spending a little bit.

The papers repeat rumours that his doxy is pregnant. Now it all makes sense.

Well, Roger, the one thing the French do awfully well is revolution and they're long over-due one! Perhaps this time they will do it electorally in the EU vote in May and send Marine le Pen and her 'grognards' to Brussels 'en masse'. That should be fun!

But ... but ... DM, they're all doxies, more or less, which one do you mean? And imagine, if this sort of thing happened 'just over here' I really don't think Her Maj would be amused, do you?

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