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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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Specifically, the report said the intelligence community provided “ample strategic warning”

'HillBilly' and her staff simply ignored it all.

If by "ample warning" you mean 2007 David, I'd agree. If you mean "only" Hillbilly & her staff ignored - I'd take some issue with that. FOX gave the source of the report as being DIA - you might recall John McCreary not so long ago [2011] mentioned in NightWatch, "DIA was being reconstituted"?

I'm linking a preliminary CTC analysis from which you may read some excerpts I'll be happy to provide FOX. Page numbers are indicated [#]

[10] “The increasing prominence of LIFG in AQ’s high command may be a function of the group’s logistics capacity, including its now demonstrated ability to move people effectively around the Middle East, … The most common cities called home were Dernaa Libya and Riyadh respectively.” Dernaa’s population, 80K Riyadh 4.3M “The next most common hometowns were Mecca and Benghazi …”
[12] “Both Dernaa and Benghazi have long been associated with Islamic militancy in Libya, particularly for an uprising by Islamist organizations in the mid-90s. Gaddafi blamed the uprising on infiltrators from the Sudan and Egypt … LIFG claimed to have Afghan veterans in its ranks. … The Libyan uprisings became extraordinarily violent. Gaddafi used helicopter gunships in Benghazi, cut telephone, electricity, and water supplies to Dernaa.”

I have other documents DIA used in the fulltext report if you desire such David.

"FOX gave the source of the report as being DIA"

No, JK, the Fox report to which I am referring is the one issued today following the release of the Congressional Committee report. They reached their bi-partisan conclusions based on all the various brass and bigwigs they managed to lay their hands on and question. No-one, I think, is suggesting that 'HillBilly' is the only one at fault but she was derelict in her duty and has obstructed investigations ever since. I suspect she took lessons in lying from her husband!

No, JK, the Fox report to which I am referring is the one issued today ...

So then David, the FOX Media Company I watch over here is "a day ahead" of yours?

The "Congressional Committee report" released today?

Help me David,

I was going to say something about the skills he learned from her, but decided that that would be in poor taste.

Admittedly "skim-read" (& I rather doubt FOX analysts had much time to devote to an in-depth analysis of something only released today) I did notice there was NO single Findings Section as I'm accustomed to reading all previous Congressional Reports I've had "the pleasure" of reading.

I note page 11 of 85 however states what I implied above (as being one of the most recent "Community" reports:

On September 7th 2012, DIA produced a report redacted for some few pages.

Page 25 of 85, "According to a January 4 2013 letter fromActing Dir. CIA Morell, [T]he nature of the attacks suggestedthey did not involve significant pre-planning. ... However intel reports made clear ... groups including Ansar al-Shariah ... plotting & carrying out attacks against Western interests prior to the attacks in Benghazi."

Page 62 of 85, "The Majority believes CIA Talking Points were flawed but painted a mostly accurate picture..."

Page 65 of 85, "The Majority agrees the process to create [TPs] was not without problems, so we join our Republican colleagues in recommending requests for unclassified [TPs] the IC should simply tell Congress and let members of Congress provide context for the public."

Rather like FOX' "take" on excerpts from Mr. Gates' book it appears to me. I'm sure MSNBC has it's own take.

The media companies in the rush to be "first" don't bother with details. Just get the constituencies riled up. Give it a decade or so and who knew who, when or what, by that time - well, it really won't matter.

Don't worry Michael, about "in poor taste commenting" as it doesn't (actually you Sir aren't capable of) hurt[ing] my feelings.

David, I know had some business to attend to, so I'll simply say this about "why" I bothered with a 2007 analysis - I have very strong doubts whether 50% heck, make that 70% of Republican voters could've, pre-September 11th 2012 listed the countries of Africa touching the Med, much less knew where Benghazi Libya was nor that was the area that, if something was gonna pop - that was the place.

Mix in Egypt, Turkey and Syria, well I very much doubt 80% of not-likely-to-vote-Obama-anyway, had more than an inkling of anything.

As evidence of that - here in 2014 David states, Benghazi was that place "which saw four American diplomats butchered."

Just for You, Michael!

"What difference, at this point, does it make"?

If the Republicans play that one right it will seriously annoy the current members of the US Armed Services and those who have previously put themselves in harms way for their country.

It has to be one of the most despicable, disrespectful utterances regarding the deaths of people serving their country uttered by a member of the current sorry regime. It alone should ensure she never gets to be POTUS.

I'd certainly vote against her - though I'm not sure I'm eligible

Even the lamentable John Kerry would be a better candidate than Hellary.

Oh, Dearieme, are you sure about that? He's got a long record of treason as well. You could even say, maybe, possibly, that she was carrying water for Soetero, good soldier and all that. For certain, Kerry lied about his nation, when we were in an undeclared war, to the benefit of our enemies. Mind, my "defense" of Hellary is as weak as it out to be. She is despicable, but not worse than Kerry. What do we call twenty thousand Democrats at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!

"out"="ought", in this context.

I'm of the general opinion HillBilly won't get through the primaries much less on the actual ticket. She's got too much baggage involved in all this "Healthcare" bidness, going back to the 90s - & that, as Michael notes, carrying water for Soetero.

The Democratic voters demographic has swung - mind it's been more the "youf & youfettes" set since BillHill was sitting in the Oval but now the youf's and youfette's pocketbooks are gonna get hit in the personalest of personalest ways I suspect, the "thinking" among them, will actually "think."

The current but especially retired US Armed Forces members (thanks in part to the Ryan/Murray budget plan, ie reduction of Servicemembers "entitlements") voting habits will likely be in flux.

AussieD? You may/may not be aware - active military members - especially those not in CONUS at the time ballots are cast, very often, perhaps very frequently, don't enjoy their votes getting counted in the first place.


If you wanna vote in a US election, file for an absentee ballot in Chicago - a Republican district if you can find one. Illinois should restore even David to the Faith every fourth November.

The Dead even are resurrected to vote - in Democrat districts at any rate. That's why I suggest trying to find a Republican district, if a dead Democrat can vote, surely a live Australian can vote in Illinois.

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