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Thursday, 30 January 2014


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All government agencies tend to "capture" by interest groups - and in this case the interest groups involved are peculiarly pernicious. We need to jail a few civil servants for corruption to tickle up the interest of the rest in doing their bloody jobs. Then disband the Environmental Agency and replace much of it by local Drainage Boards and the like. "Capture" of those by the locals is much less pernicious, since the locals have to live with the consequences of their decisions.

Heaven forfend but I must agree with dearieme.

Perhaps a little re-branding is called for - 'Do Nothing Defra' - would I think fit rather better.

Plainly doing nothing fits the EA agenda and absolutely delights Ministers and the Treasury, no more failed projects and all that money for George to squander elsewhere.

Is this the tip of the iceberg are we starting to see the horrendous unintended consequences of allowing the eco-loons to dictate environmental policies and practices with very much more to come. Energy policies have created higher costs for the consumer but that was intended (although we are seeing outcomes that were not intended) but because the few (not just eco-loons but bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians and the like) who dictate (allowed to because we have representative democracy not direct like Switzerland which to my mind does not go far enough in that direction) have not the least understanding of how human society actually works (but believe they do and know best) and how should they it is far to complex what they actually intend more often than not does not work in practice. When society is governed by many ocracies and true democracy hardly ever one of them then the eventual outcome will not be pleasant for anyone other than those who control and work in those undemocratic often tyrannical ocracies.

Just think, for more than a thousand years there was a place called Somerset, famous for cider and people who used a lot of Zs. They had a county council and lots of draining thingies for the very wet bits. Then, along came the Plonkers. Now they have 3 county (district) councils and no drainage thingies, but they do seem to have a lot of water.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. Reconstitute Somerset and put drainage and everything else back in their hands. They could then close down the Environmental Agency and sack the elderly homosexual who has been running it (or not running it) since 1998.

Antis, having just watched a 'simulcast' of "Coriolanus" I'm not too sure that I would want put everything in the hands of 'The People - dread words!

It's much the same across the pond - except our environmental follies, due to the much larger land mass to manage and much larger sums of monies to fritter away on frivolous causes, dwarf your marsh flooding. For the individuals, forced to cope with the damages, the resulting anger and personal emotional toll are the same. In America, environmental loonies and packs of lawyers masquerade as champions for preserving our natural heritage, relentlessly campaigning to let Mother Nature keep us in a primitive state - nothing beyond wearing fig leaves allowed (and those only if they can be proven not to disturb the lowly insects that might live on fig leaves). Of course, their inaction in the natural world is more than made up for with their crushing tyranny over the lives of their fellow man.

Oh dear, and as you say, Liberty, everything in America is so, so much bigger!

Yes, David, everything is much bigger in America, especially the complete collapse of common sense or ability to think rationally - there we have you beat by miles...... of course, our educational system hit rock bottom decades ago, which might account for our faster demise. I might say Americans are like ants following along, except that would be a grossly unfair estimation of ants... Several customers at work the other day asked me if we had electric heaters, which they wanted to purchase in case the power went out during the "big" snow storm that hit the South... This is more the norm than the rare anomaly when talking to Americans, lol. What to say, "No Sir, we are sold out of electric heaters." (said with a straight face until said customer was out of earshot, then of course I laughed out loud and my co-worker asked me if people can really be that stupid).

Liberty, I have come to the conclusion that education systems can be judged by the pass rates at examinations achieved by their pupils. As they rise and rise and rise again, as they have done so 'over here' for decades, that is all you need to know that standards are falling! Confirmation is easily obtained by conversing with one of the, er, products, although to do so it is necessary to master the language of a Kalahari bushman, that is, with a series of clicks and grunts! (Yes, I know, there are exceptions, of course, and I suspect your off-spring are amongst them - and anyway, who am I to talk, I failed more exams than I ever passed!)

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