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Thursday, 16 January 2014


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The bobby who pled guilty in the Plebgate affair: it must have struck you, Duffers, that there must be a raft of higher-ups and union officials who were delighted that he then wouldn't be cross-examined. What a stroll of luck, eh?

Unless your system has changed cross examination is only available if a witness/accused jumps the box to give evidence. An accused person can plead "Not Guilty" and just leave it for the Crown to try and prove their case.

In my experience I have found the police to be incompetent, stupid and guilty of corrupt practices. As we are now dedicated to giving the state ever more power in our pursuit of equality through the wholesale redistribution of wealth (redistribution is a healthy and moral thing to do in a modern society but not at the levels that we currently do and which the left would have us increase) we can expect to have to lose more and more of our civil liberties. As they are eroded then plod is going to have greater opportunities to abuse his/her position and us.

AussieD: true, I take your point. Still, I wonder whether he used the "I want to plead not guilty" argument somewhere in the background, and it certainly avoided lots of people being potentially called as witnesses and put on oath. As I say, quite a stroke of luck.

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