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Friday, 07 February 2014


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Yes yes I realize David given your title this post perhaps isn't the best place to ask a question ... but I was thinking, maybe an Aussie (or two) might happen along and explain - should you David, be unable to.

How am I to understand this?

Tax officials were told that those working in regional and smaller offices and business units that had become ,strong>top heavy with higher ranking public servants would be more likely to be successful in an application for redundancy.

Well JK I'll give you my interpretation. Please bear in mind that I am naturally inclined to the conservative side of politics so my opinion may be a tad biased. [I spent 34 years of paid employment in HM's uniform service and for the rest of the time ran a small and successful business - despite the various governments trying to send me broke through red tape]

In 2007 to our undying embarrassment the Aussie electorate voted in a Labor [the bastards can't even spell] Government which immediately set about the usual socialist process of spending every cent of a healthy budget surplus and when that had gone started on putting us into a debt which the new conservative [Liberal/National Party coalition] elected in September last is only just beginning to get a handle on.

In typical socialist form the wankers began employing more and more public servants who obviously commenced sucking more and more money out of treasury along with an expanding green filth public service/consultancy base.

Canberra, the National Capitol, is as useless as Washington, DC, having as its only reason to exist its identity as national capitol. It has a population of around 379,000 most of whom work for or a dependant on government.

The new government immediately started to axe the green filth public service leeches and is starting on an overstaffed public service to the acclamation of those who actually contribute to the nation's wealth [or like me did so for 55 years and now self fund their retirement]. They have a long way to go and a good continuing process is to gut the Taxation Department.

The article you cite is from a far left leaning rag.

If you want a laugh [or a fit of depression if you are a working ACT taxpayer] Google Canberra Sky Whale to see just how stupid the governance of the ACT is. Bear in mind that the ACT Government is just a local council in actuality and not our National Government [thank God and an emerging conservative voting population]

Hope that helps.

Couldn't have put it better myself, Aussie D.
And there you have it, JK.

Is it bog snorkelling time again?

Bog snorkeling Andra?

Hows come you allus seem to see fit to come on and critical me?

I I figured would be having my ears warmed (and making a friend) by my mentioning "Parting the Red Sea" as sorta like

Hair Pie.

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