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Thursday, 06 February 2014


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The USA's mistake, though, was to decide on a War of Occupation rather than a punitive expedition. The UK's error was not to withdraw the moment that was clear.


I have had Frank Ledwidge's book on my Kindle for a long time now and for the record, I completely agree with you (and him) on this. Although not from your branch of the Airborne, I feel bound to defend some of them. The sort of Para who filtered through to my particular mob was something rather rare; a Para capable of lateral thinking: in other words an Uber-Para, and I couldn't think of anyone else that I'd rather have with me in a tight corner.

A fair summary, DM.

Richard, I have now progressed further into Ledwidge's book and it is totally depressing. I had sort of suspected that gross stupidity was at work in both Basra and Helmand but I had no idea that virtually the entire military establishment (with one or two rare exceptions) were riddled and blinded by it. I will write more when I have finished it - it's a grim read!

Personally I can't think of a more appropriate unit than the Paras to do the hearts and minds thing.

If they don't shred your chest they'll blow your f... head off.

Not into political correctness in a war zone. If you want to be nice to people send the Salvos.


David & AussieD. The Para's are not the men that do courses in sociology they are killers for our state.
My old CSM when he retired from the Para's joined the RAOC and immediately took over the role of discipline and military training in our company.
He is in his late seventies now and still a delightful British head banger who until recently lead the Para veterans on parade.
Duffers you will understand this type of man. British solid and proud.

Sounds like 'the old school' type, Jimmy.

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