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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


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Definitely not patrons of the Chestnut Tree Cafe, those girls.


I'm at a loss to define courage as accurately by any other means than simply watching that video. To have gone through what they've been through and still have the guts to come back and defy authority in its most sensitive and reactive moment is, well, I don't have the eloquence. So long as there are people like that in this world, there is always hope.


I'll second that, SoD.

If there ever was any doubts that Russia is thug land then this must surely dispel them. But then most of the world is governed by thugs of one sort or another.

Pussy Riot? I thought that was the sort of thing Brit Conservative politicians got involved in.

If russia was that bad these females would just disappear into jail.
If you really nark the big boys in any country you tend to end up bruised.

Pretty, brave, stupid... but also admirable. I don't always approve of the methods they have used to garner publicity or the forms some of their protests/stunts have taken, but THOSE GIRLS HAVE GOT GUTS and I really respect them for it.

Alas, Antis, all true.

AussieD, "You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment"!

Happily, John, they have one piece of very useful protection - worldwide publicity - and long may they enjoy it.

My thoughts exactly, Richard.

"It's impossible to be certain but maybe this was done on the orders of 'Vlad the Impaler'"

Well perhaps not that specific action at that specific moment, but it's quite impossible to imagine anything as significant happening anywhere in the country without his knowledge and approval, at least in principle. That is how Russia works, and always has.

Remember Uncle Joe: "Beat, beat, and beat again".

Vlad is a worthy successor and would no doubt be proud to be recognised as such.

I agree, Andrew, perhaps not a specific order but an example of underlings reading the master's mind.

(Your typo has been corrected, no charge, and with a bit of luck DM will not have noticed and you will miss the usual 50 lines!)

Another B, just trying to mind her damn business.


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