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Saturday, 15 February 2014


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On a slightly longer scale, China's demography isn't too clever either. That one child policy, you know.

The manoeuvre being pulled by Obama, or "the West", or who I'm not sure, but it's a cracker whoever thought of it, is buddying up to Iran. That is a real global game changer.

First, it squats the West firmly onto the faces of Shia and Sunni Islam, and their state representatives. Whomsoever pleases us gets the carrot; whomsoever fks us off gets the stick. Either way, we get the oil.

Second, the long slow burn of fanatical Islamists from Shia and Sunni factions in Syria can run nicely without going out of control with unpredictable consequences, or abating with the undesirable consequence of the Jihadists returning to Western homes (and targets).

Thirdly, Putin is marginalized in the Middle East now his buddy Syria is no longer supported by our new proxy Iran. No doubt he'll try to seduce the Saudis, and even the Israeli's, so it will take skill to keep him from pushing us off the pan-Middle East facial squat accomplished by our manoeuvre. But Putin will have other issues at home to worry about now ...

... Fourthly, the cheap energy as a result of turning on the Iranian oil taps and domestic shale spigots into the global energy market will at best keep Putin busy, and at worst sink him without trace.

In summary, Putin is fked.

I say, well done Curruthers!


Indeed, DM, which is why quietly, very quietly, they are beginning to drop the policy.

I'm going to call you 'Smiley' from now on instead of 'SoD'. That was quite the most convoluted comment I have read since, er, well, JK's last one!

But it is a masterful manoeuvre. We are safer for the 400 would be 7/7-ers who have left never to return, richer for the reduction in energy prices, and strategically on top of our rival Putin.

I mean, credit where credit's due. Not sure if Dim Dave or Obama thought of it, but someone somewhere deserves a cigar.

Only problem it creates is the next Russian revolution. The Russkies will soon be catching up the Frogs in the "how many republics can you have in a century?" stakes.


The best allegorical, metaphorical, representation would be four wrestlers in a leaking spaceship, fighting for the last space suit before the oxygen runs out.

We, the West, are a flabby Sumo wrestler, with the two lithe camel-boys (like the fellas from Lawrence of Arabia) on the deck, facing each other, with the space suit between them. We are sat astride the two of them, our left buttock over the face of the one, and our right buttock over the face of the other.

Every time they refuse to give us a blast of oxygen, or squabble too violently between themselves, we tighten our muscles and suffocate them in the crack of our arse. If they desist in fighting each other, which might lead them to fight us, we loosen off the muscles and open our arsecrack to give them some breathing and controlled fighting space.

Meanwhile, Putin, playing himself, stripped to the waist with ripply biceps, combat trousers tucked into desert boots, floats around the room slowly suffocating, while trying to take ever weakening swipes at the Sumo.

JK, eat your heart out.


Good grief! What did you have for breakfast?

I'm kinda cramped SoD. Thanks for stepping into the breach.

And actually I agree with you, Putin's very *success* in Syria sealed his fucked-state. Chechens are currently the majority of foreign fighters in that snakepit and the Russ are busy in-country taking care of the chem-stocks. So to make it short, the Chechens can kill Russians in Syria or they can go home and kill Russians.

From a Chechen viewpoint - what's not to like?

(Bonus point - no Western "boots on the ground" to distract the targeters from the targetees.)

That is selfish JK. The Soviets (sorry Russians) are doing us a favour in the Middle East.

Don't take me wrong Jimmy, I'm shedding no tears.

But yes, though they maybe didn't intend to they are, doing us a favor.

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