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Friday, 21 March 2014


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I don't vote.

Well you should. The function of UKIP in our democracy is act as a bloody big club which the electorate use to hit the Tories and Labour round their collective heads till they start doing what we want them to do. They could start with immigration.

If you mean, DM, that you have never voted then I trust we shall hear no complaints from you on 'the state of the nation' and all that!

I'm not sure if UKIP will ever stick a bit of steel up Dave's backbone. Finding it will be the first obstacle.

I'm glad you brought up Russia again. Gives me the chance to introduce Vladiqueer Pooftin:

Do you have "first past the post" or "preferential" voting?

If the first then all voting for UKIP does is take conservative votes away from the [so called] conservative party and favour the socialist rabble. If you have the preferential system then if the UKIP candidate does not get up on the first count preferences can go to the [so called] conservative party so a conservative vote is not lost.

Though looking at your Tories from the outside they look more like toffy nosed and incompetent socialists rather than conservative libertarians.

I will never understand why a nation that started its long march to individual freedom and parliamentary democracy at Runnymede joined the EU - a concept [amongst other issues] that you have fought wars over for several hundred years.

Sorry, AK, you were inadvertently deposited in the Spam Box. Your comment is cruel but dead accurate!

Dom, you started my day with a smile - thanks.

And thanks to you, AussieD, because the fact is I had no idea exactly what system we used for European elections until I checked with Wiki. However, the important point is that irrespective of which free-loading political has-been or wannabe is 'elected', it is the number of votes cast for each party that counts because that will be the best polling information anyone can get prior to our parliamentary election (first past the post) next year. My point is that it is crucial to put the wind up the Tories in this useless election in order to drive 'Dim Dave' in the right (and Right) direction for the next one.

With regard to steel up Dave's backbone, Corporal Jones got it right when he said that all of Dave's sort "Don't like it up 'em".

With regard to political parties, when there is not even a cigarette paper's thickness between the views of all of the LimpDumb/ LieMore / Conswervatives, one is as well voting for the party that most accurately reflects one's own views. If that makes safe Tory seats fall to Lie-More, or vice versa, it will be a slap in the face for the parties who treat us with such contempt. If our preferred candidate gets elected, so much the better.

The looming problem, Fred, is that there looks to be an *increasing* divide between Labour and Tory not because the latter suddenly remembered they are supposed to be Right-wing but because Miliband, with a little help from his union, er, 'comrades', is definitely swerving Leftwards. Thus, whilst I believe the European election to be of little consequence the domestic election next year is critical. Welcome to D&N, by the way.

Without the EU, and in particular the Euro, Putin and his mafia, and the Chinese and their mafia, would have turned Europe into a war zone long ago. National front and Ukip types in all European countries would have been easily manipulated into conflict to do their bidding.

It's only the half-arsed political union lead by the Jerries, and the overarching cover of America via NATO, that has spared Europe's nation states from external manipulation and proxy wars. A sort of middle east on steroids.

If you thought the European response to Putin's nationalist, racist expansionism was weak, imagine what it would have been like if Europe was a patchwork free trade area of national front / Ukip states?

I trust Germany/EU/America/NATO more than national front/Ukip/Russia/China to keep the peace in Europe.

And keeping the peace in Europe was, is, and always will be in our interests.

Therefore what happens on Ukraine is in our interests.

Slowly Europe is starting to make the energy and military response: -

Hopefully America will follow suit and build those export terminals on the East coast.

Then Putin is dead meat.

And that is in our interests.


Here's an inkling of Europe as a patchwork of nation states run along Ukip lines: -

"Russia has been damaged by its oligarchic system. There is an evident danger of some of the same corrupting habits spreading into democratic countries. In south-east Europe and the Balkans in particular, we see the creation of concentrations of power which could inhibit democracy. If this is not checked, European democracy could be undermined over the long term."

Be careful what you wish for.


"If you thought the European response to Putin's nationalist, racist expansionism was weak, imagine what it would have been like if Europe was a patchwork free trade area of national front / Ukip states?"

The trouble is that the Ukrainian problem has been largely provoked by the EU ruling nomenklatura. Ashton and her friends are the problem.

SoD, it's only 8.45am and you've put me in a grumpy mood already - just like old times! Look, I don't care if Russia subverts eastern Europe, that's Germany's problem not ours. What we have today in Europe is eine neue Frankenreich, a new Frankish Empire so let 'Empress' Merkel sort it out. As it happens she doesn't seem to mind all that much - so why should we?

And I am not *complaining* about the weak European response, I never expected anything else. It is a sign of the arrogance that abounds in Brussels that they thought they could stick their oar into the Ukraine without the Russians going off on one. Now, they are naked in their feebleness which, if anything, will encourage the Russians to more adventures.

Internal EU policy has been disastrous ever since the union was formed and then the euro currency was enforced. Now we can see that their so-called foreign policy is an equal shambles. As far as we Brits are concerned there are two words shrieking at us - GET OUT! On second thoughts, that should be three words - GET OUT - NOW!

And someone should tell 'Slaphead' Hague to shut the fuck up!

Oh, and btw, if Ukip do get in, I'll have to leave Blighty.

Fuffbun has been here more than 7 years and we're not married, so, under Ukip's current immigration policy, she'll have to pass an "assessment" to remain in the UK. Given that she does unskilled work and would score zero points in any conceivable right to remain test, she'd be out, and therefore me too.

For any Europeans who've been here less than 7 years the policy was instant ejection (I say "was" because this policy has disappeared from the Ukip web-site while they review it, apparently).

So what will that be like? I mean if we don't go voluntarily? Is someone wearing standard issue going to smash down our door in the small hours of the morning and drag her onto a plane to Prague? Busy airport it will be with a million or two Poles, Czechs, et al.

If that does happen there's one thing for sure: I will go out in such a blaze of glory that will keep your darling Daily Mail and the rest of the red tops in headlines to the end of the century. Maidan Square will look pristine compared to the smouldering remains of Frimley and Camberley.

Ukip even privately refer to themselves as "the BNP in blazers". I've heard that with my own ears. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.


Calm down, dear, it's only a UKIP pipe-dream. Anyway, as I keep repeating, we don't want them to run the UK, we just want them to thrash the Tories at the next European elections.

Oh, and by the way, GET MARRIED!

So, are we doing marriage advice now?

With regard to Mr Hague; he could usefully say one thing. HMG will not agree to The Ukraine joining the EU. As accession is subject to all existing members agreeing, that will be that. He could say the same thing about Turkey. Although, I seem to remember that the French have been promised a referendum on that.

I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, BOE!

BOE - "HMG will not agree to The Ukraine joining the EU."

No need to bother - because Ukraine will be joining Wales instead! : -

Comrade? Boyo? We're all Europeans in the end.


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