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Saturday, 29 March 2014


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"So who do you believe?"

Not entirely sure Duffers given the church tendency to prevaricate and dodge over the serious issue of "kiddy fiddling". But you would think the two camps would have got together for a mutually agreed press release.

Spin is now so firmly entrenched as the media of communication for politicians that it is safe to assume that every pronouncement of theirs will contain mostly elements that are designed to obfuscate and are full of deceit and half truths to make them look like saints and everyone else like sinners. The majority of us guided by an equally deceitful and partisan MSM are gullible enough to fall for the best ones at it and so end up with leaders who are not the ones we should choose. If a person or institution/organisation are the best liars and propagandists that surely should be the pointers that make us decide that we should reject them but alas we do not. The world is now a much nastier, corrupt and mediocre place because those who we follow fall into those categories and it rubs off on us.

Only one of them is infallible.

It said that "Francis is frank."

I doubt the President liked being told something outside his (non)perception of reality.

Antis, I don't mind too much if my politicians are deceitful provided they, er, 'lie for their country', it is their serious incompetence that irritates me.

But, DM, both of them believe it is them!

Oh dear, Hank, I am reminded that back in his early days I hoped and believed that beneath the usual Left-wing twaddle he was really quite bright. That lasted about six months into his presidency but at least I was not responsible for giving him a second term. And as the GOP thrashes around, leaderless, one dreads what's almost certainly coming next!

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