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Monday, 24 March 2014


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And the first mission for the 3,000 strong brigade is to take back Donetsk!


Good Grief, and it's not even April 1st!

It was not Dim Dave who kept us out of Syria but moron RedEd as he voted against keeping the option open which indecisive chip on my shoulder I will pay whitey back for slavery piss poor president Obama clutched at to allow him to retreat from his red line. I agree that we should keep out of it and let the mad bastard Islamists murder each other helps to keep them occupied and not murdering us so much. However that option should have been kept open without it it signalled how bloody weak and well past our greatness we, the EU and The USA are which of course emboldens the bully thug dictators such as Vlad the impaler.

Well Antisthenes, look on the bright side! As you say the mad Islamists are busy murdering each other and the Russians are now on the Assad hook, in partnership with the equally mad Persians. Surely, it can't end well for any of them. As for Donetsk, I am quite happy for the 1st Welsh Socialist Brigade to be deployed there.

Oh dear, looks like the nationalist, racist darling of the Ukippers is a wee bit kippered himself: -

So "Dannat's Boyos Brigade" can stand down and get back to a spot of sheep-worrying.

What we all have to look forward to is the second collapse of the political system in Russia in only a quarter of a century. Maybe, just maybe, the most momentous occasion in the history of Europe is just around the corner: it's unification. A single market, with open borders and freedom of movement from Dublin to Moscow, and a multi-speed political federation.

The final joy will be the site of crestfallen Ukippers making their way to airports and seaports to head off to some all white nationalist enclave, like New Zealand, only to be trampled to death by a stampede of hot Russian babes coming in the opposite direction - and me not married, Mwah Ha-Ha (evil laugh).


'Calm down, dear, it's only A E-P speculating'! But of course, in essence he's right. I have shaken my head in wonderment over the last decade or so at the number of big corporates willing to take the risk of investing in the giant kleptocracy that is Putin's Russia and I can see that a rush for the exit could easily occur.

But I do wish you would stop raving about this mythical 'united, free-market, multi-speed, political, federated Europe'. Ain't gonna happen and even if I'm wrong, I want no part of it!

3000 men? It's no Kursk, that's for sure.

Definitely not! I am battling on through my Kursk book but every so often I just have to put it down and shake my head in wonderment. That really was 'total war' and I do hope to the gods that we never see anything like it again.

Stick this in your "we love Putin" Ukip pipe and smoke it! : -

The greatest self induced double Cannae in the history of politics / warfare so far.

Putin is truly second rate, and you Ukippers think he's clever and the sun shines out of his T90 tank barrels!

Sure you don't want to get on the right side of history and join the parade in "Old Muscovy"? Just look at those new European borders - perfect!

All ready for the final battle: On the one side, Europe to the North West, America to the South East, and on the other side, China in the middle.

Now that will be the greatest double Cannae in the history of politics / warfare. Or does China think it can pull off the double Cannae's antithesis - a manoeuvre of the central position? The plot thickens ...

I only hope I'll be around to find out - even if I am at work - and you too, so I can rip the piss for getting it wrong! :-)


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