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Friday, 07 March 2014


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"it makes me sick to my stomach!" How terribly American.

Who needs Smiley or Bond when we've got Anna!

G'day Duffers,

A good, if somewhat long, read is "Defend The Realm - the Authorised History of MI5" by Christopher Andrew.

JK - that's fascinating stuff.

"top brass of post war MI6 constituted possibly the biggest collection of unbelievably stupid, old-school snobs and third-raters that British society has produced in the last 100 years"

Not quite, you need the upper echelons of the Army for that.


Indeed, JK, Anna is an assassin armed not with a Walther PPK but a keyboard!

Thanks, AussieD.

I read that, Lawrence, and frankly my reaction was ambivalent. I shall post on the subject.

I sat next to Chris Andrew at dinner once. He assured me that there would never again be an ideological traitor working for the USSR in the British intelligence services. A few years later I sat next to him again, reminded him of the conversation, and said "What about Bettaney?" His aggrieved, huffy-puffy, evasive response did no credit to historiography as a trade.

Crikey, DM, I had forgotten him! That Gordievsky chap was a gold bar for us, perhaps the only gold we found during the entire cold war!

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