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Monday, 03 March 2014


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You are quite right of course. People do rabbit on and on about the virtues of Apple computers and phones. They are almost as annoying as those people whose only connection with Apple computers is that they haven't got one! And who insist of telling you......

Oh Lord, BOE, don't tell me you're one of the converted - please don't knock on my door when the footie's on!

I bought myself a Mac in 1994 and have stuck with them since. So I don't think I'm a convert. I do think they are better than the alternatives. But owning one isn't a substitute for religion. Not for me anyway.

Don't forget that Apple's manufacturing division in China has "definitely" caused 250,000+ people to commit suicide. So my cynical side would tell me that he is probably talking bollocks in an attempt to get back in with the right crowd. At least I hope that's true.

To be honest, BOE, as I have only ever managed to utilise approximately 0.75% of what my computer-thingie can do I am in no position to judge or criticise Apple products. However, having read the report on the new boss I can say with absolute conviction that the man is a tit!

Apparently, TDK, one of his boasts is that he has improved working conditions at the Apple factory in China. Quite what that entails I do not know.

They are replacing the workers with robots. Apparently they don't commit suicide. I think TDK, that a quarter of a million suicides might be a triflet on the high side.

My son has an Apple and assures me they never, ever break down. Sadly, he cannot work any other sort of computer so he's pretty much on his own.
I buy a new one every couple of years and they work just fine until they don't - then I buy another one.
That's what THEY want, isn't it?

You are a boon to business, Andra!

I bought a Mac when I got a virus on my PC. My daughter had an Apple laptop and insisted I get the Mac. I am happy with it, but even though I have had it for a few years, I still am not used to it. Especially when using the MSOffice suite for Mac. There are differences.
Am I a rabid convert? No. Will I buy a PC again? Could be.
Like you, dear Duffers, I doubt I use it (or any computer) to its full potential.

"My daughter had an Apple laptop and insisted I get the Mac".

See what I mean, Miss Red, they're always so damn fervent!

Does no one use Linux anymore? And you have all those 'flavours' (or 'flavors') to choose from too.

Hello, Louise, and sorry but TypePad plonked you in the Spam Box for no apparent reason. But, what is this thing called "Linux" and what are these "flavours"? Is it necessary to lick the screen to appreciate them?

I think TDK, that a quarter of a million suicides might be a triflet on the high side.

Hence the word definitely being in inverted commas. I doubt that any were caused by the working conditions.

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