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Thursday, 06 March 2014


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Thanks from me to Andra. Love that piece of music.

The glissando comes out better on a clarinet. Still, pretty good. They tried to teach us "the moothie" at school. Fail. But better than the ruddy recorder anyway.

I must say that kid seemed to squeeze every last bit of possibility out of the instrument. And it is a terrific piece of music - much improved when he rewrote it as a symphonic piece from a band piece. His piano concerto would definitely be amongst the eight on my desert island.

Anyway, who the hell is up and about at 2.00pm Pacific Time?!
A ventured guess, for most on the West coast, at work. Possibly your bedtime, 10:00 pm.

We may very well be hearing much more from and/or about him.

"His piano concerto would definitely be amongst the eight on my desert island." Not for me; but something from Porgy and Bess would be, or one of his best tunes from his musicals. Anyway, one of my eight would have to be Gershwin.

Howdja like this 'un?

There is only one west coast in my geographical comprehension, Uppers, and I'm living on it - more or less. The remainder are 'little countries far away about which we know nothing' - and care less!

DM - sensational!

Since we got to Bechet, here's great party music:

Bechet was the only thing Larkin liked about America. Right in the middle of Whitsun Wedding he comes out with "Oh play that thing" about Bechet's music. But then, Larking hated everything.

Great stuff, Dom, thanks.

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